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  1. lisieux

    does anyone know how to calibrate a manual BP cuff?

    I've done it before, but it depends on which kind of a manual BP cuff it is. Usually you pull the metal part (the entire circle part that does the measuring) off of the tubing portion. then, you can usually take a small screwdriver (which might hav...
  2. lisieux


    thanks Kathy! That's great info!
  3. lisieux


    Howdy! I'm brand new to OB and am just trying to see what is recommended practice for LDRP. I am not a member of AWHONN yet, but I was just wondering what they say about these things. 1. Is it mandatory to have a crash cart for Mother's on the ...
  4. lisieux

    Safe harbor

    I'm a new nurse to PA and am trying to learn about the rules and regulations in PA. I was wondering if PA has anything for safe harbor? (Or is there anything to protect you if you are given an unsafe assignment?) Thanks!!