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  1. allstar24

    Took my NCLEX-RN today!

    thanks for the reply!:)
  2. allstar24

    Took my NCLEX-RN today!

    can i ask something? is it 100% guarantee that if u see ur name posted in ca brn website u already passed??
  3. allstar24

    stressed out,, need help from all of u ,

    i was also in that same situation a month ago. its like i wanna resched every time i feel im not prepared. But i took the risk and prayed. always pray before u study. and whenever u feel stressed out, just take time to breath and enjoy for a little while and take a rest as well so ur brain will be maintained on its optimal functioning.:) remember to be optimistic and i know you can make it. Goodluck and God bless future RN!:)
  4. allstar24

    I feel low and need help.....

    dont ever give up. God is good. give some time also in studying ur communication skills. it's one way of understanding the questions being asked. I dont know what books to suggest. but as for me, I reviewed kaplan 2010-2011 and saunder's 4th ed. and remember to relax and give urself time to get back into game. :) Goodluck and God bless:)
  5. allstar24

    shut off at 100 something

    me too. I haven't tried the pvt. I am really skeptical about it and i guess im just afraid to see the result.:)
  6. allstar24

    Took my NCLEX yesterday

    most of the people felt that way after taking the exam. I just did too. let's just pray for good results:) Goodluck!:w00t:
  7. allstar24

    New test plan nclex-rn takers where are you!!

    :yeah:congrats i hope ill get the same result!:))
  8. allstar24


    thanks for the inspiring message.:) I really liked the quote.