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  1. LizRN1018

    How do I find a job in a doctor's office? please help!

    Just an FYI... I don't work in a doctors office exactly, but it is an urgent care clinic... I still work 12 hour shifts! I don't have a single 8 hour shift... I work two 12 hour shifts, a 7 hour shift and a 9 hour shift. I like this because I get 3 days off every week, and a 3 day weekend every other week. Anyways, there are a lot of hospitals that do 8 hour shifts, just do some research! Liz
  2. LizRN1018

    Quirky Habits?

    Picker here!! I just broke the habit of picking at my nails, but still any loose skin around my fingers, or anywhere... my lips! that's the worst... picking at my lips when they are dry
  3. LizRN1018

    Pain Scale

    Oh yes, I also do always make it a habit to put what the scale was out of.... for example I would never just say pt rated pain at a 5, I would say pt rated pain 5/10.
  4. LizRN1018

    Pain Scale

    I agree! If we are not asking the patient to rate their own pain, then I can only guess that we would be rating their pain based on how they are reacting to it? However, that is not accurate (in my opinion)... people react differently to pain and have different idea's of pain. Someone can be acting very calm and "not in a lot of pain" but in reality may be in a lot of pain. How would we know if we don't ask? Pain is subjective. Which is why we ask the patients to rate their own pain.
  5. LizRN1018

    Pain Scale

    I would say the 0-10 pain scale is a big part of my charting. I also use the faces pain scale for people who may be unable to tell me a number, or young children/babies (they have charts for this that you can use for reference... I just draw a picture of the face that corresponds with them and then the number that goes with that face). If you are doing any sort of pain intervention or assessment then the pain scale is a must. I agree that it can be confusing with the 0-5 scale if the patients are used to 0-10, and also anyone looking back at the documentation in the future who is used to 0-10.
  6. LizRN1018

    New Grad Ethical Difficulties

    I agree with the previous poster who said the job market is bad for new grads right now. I say take what you can get for now, and in the meantime keep looking for something better. I worked at first at a LTC facility where I didn't agree with many things that were being done. When patients would ask for something/to do something in a certain way that I didn't agree with, I would tell them what I could or couldn't do.... then when I of course got the "but nurse so and so does it all the time" my response was "nurse so and so may do that, but this nurse will be doing it this way". People were always ok with it. As for the orientation, maybe you can ask for more orientation, just tell them you don't feel ready? I had 5 shifts of orientation before they put me out on the floor by myself... I definitely depended on the other nurses working to answer a lot of questions! I'm sure they would understand. Liz
  7. LizRN1018

    Today after clinical I broke down in Tears!!:(

    I always look up a medication before I give it if I dont know what it is. And I also did this during clinicals, because I knew my instructors would be asking me questions about it! I honestly dont think it's expected that nurses remember all sorts of medications.... but you do need to be able to find the information. Also as for knowing a lot of science, I believe that when a nurse finds a specialty etc. there are certain things that you will see a lot of and you will know a lot about that specific area that you work in. It's impossible to just know everything about every area of healthcare! Sorry if this is a repeat of something said earlier, I didn't read through the 6 pages Liz
  8. LizRN1018

    Hep B birth vaccination

    I think the vaccine debate can get pretty heated... I agree with what previous posters have said, if you said no to a vaccine, then they can not "force" a vaccination on your child. On the other hand, I do hope you don't let this experience stop you from getting any vaccinations for your baby. People believe in something that is called herd immunity. But in order for this to work, a certain percentage of people need to be vaccinated. There are some children who really *cant* be vaccinated (due to allergies, or other medical conditions), that are put at risk more and more, the more people that decide not to vaccinate for personal reasons. I am sorry that your baby seemed to not be feeling well after having his vaccines, however that is fairly normal. I know when i get a tetanus injection, or any other injection, it makes me sore for a few days! There have been outbreaks in different communities of diseases that our generation doesn't even worry about anymore, because we are not old enough to have seen or experienced them. With travel as accessible as it is now, there are many opportunities for these diseases to make their way back here. Here is just one example - a measles outbreak in Philadelphia from earlier this year, which was triggered by one unvaccinated child. http://www.businessweek.com/lifestyle/content/healthday/637218.html Just my opinion! Do whatever you feel is right, we all just want what is best for our babies :)
  9. LizRN1018

    Vent - Business sense and the nurse.

    "You think that you can bring your kids to work or to an interview, that since you have kids, that means you get the "preferred" schedule...right out of nursing school" Just wanted to point out, I feel the opposite as this one! When I interview for jobs, I never EVER mention the fact that I have a child (and definitely don't mention the fact that I am a single parent). Rather than thinking that they will hire me and give me a great schedule to fit around my daughter's school schedule, I assume that they will be less likely to hire me because they think I will call in all the time, or complain about the schedule that I do get. We had to do the whole career counseling thing in nursing school (they basically taught us about resume writing and interviewing), and that was one thing the counselor suggested.... don't mention children or single parenthood. And they are also not allowed to ask in the interview. I've only had one interview where the interviewer started asking me about if I was married... and then asking if I was divorced, had children etc.... I thought it was innappropriate. Anyways, I guess the point is... who would in their right minds think that bringing their child to a job interview with them would help them get a job?! Wouldn't it just show that child care may end up being a problem with that employee?? Just my 2 cents
  10. I do write orders out for doctors and providers all the time... I just make sure to have them read it over and sign it. It's not that different than taking a telephone order, right? With a telephone order, you still write out the order etc., and they come in later to sign it.
  11. LizRN1018

    IV Placement on Deaf Child

    I agree with the previous poster who suggested writing a little note about not putting IV's there... maybe even just write it in erasable marker on both of his hands or on his arms.... or even put a pair of gloves on his hands (not the big bulky kind! Smaller ones so he can still communicate with his hands), with that written on them. I don't know... I'd be very concerned if this was my child that it was happening too. Best of luck! Liz
  12. LizRN1018

    The Great Emergency Prank War

    One doctor I work with LOOOVESS pranks... his favorites are putting lube on telephones/doorknobs/pens/whatever. He also enjoys putting tape on the doors when people go into the backroom or bathroom or wherever so that when they try to come out they cant figure out why the door isn't opening! And of course your classic prank phone calls on co-workers. One time I couldn't find my pen anywhere, and he acted all hurt when I assumed he had taken it (I even felt a little bad for accusing him, he seemed so offended!)... of course, a little while later I found it taped up on the wall... WAY up. I had to get a step ladder to get it down.
  13. LizRN1018

    How much orientation did you get for new job?

    My first job, I only got 2 weeks of orientation!! I did not think that was enough, but after 2 weeks they threw me out on the floor by myself. I survived somehow! But the job that I currently have (which is much easier and less stressful than my first job) they gave me 2 monthes of training... and they said it could go up to 6 monthes if they felt I needed it I was pushing for the 6 monthes though, because during training I worked M-F 8am-4pm I was actually very dissapointed when they said they were taking me off training early, lol. Oh well! I would say to just do the 4 weeks of orientation... it's not that long and you'll be on the floor in no time!
  14. LizRN1018

    1rst year meds to memorize

    I believe for us it was more knowing the different classes of medication rather than each individual medication. And knowing how to recognize each class (meds ending in "lol" are betablockers for example, and meds ending in "pril" are ace inhibitors). From there, you can learn the basic effects/side effects etc. that the different classes of meds have.
  15. LizRN1018

    Light reading on workplace violence

    The only type of violence I have seen has come from pts with AMS. The worst I have seen from pts A&Ox3 is just general nasty behavior... yelling, cursing, insulting staff etc. There was one time that we had a new admit come in, with some sort of AMS... He was put in a room with another pt. He started telling the other pt to "get out of his room" and things like that. I just talked with him and explained how this was his room mate etc. etc... I find out the next day that the guy had gone over and punched his room mate in the face during the night while he was sleeping! I felt horrible that I hadn't put him in a different room. I also found out the next day that this new admit had a history... he had murdered two people in the past, one by smothering with a pillow! But of course they took this history out of his chart before I ever got it... they dont want things like that to affect the level of care that patients receive. But I think that if I had known that he had this sort of history, I would have moved him out of that room at the first sign of something, you know? Sorry, I guess that was a little off topic!! Liz