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  1. harley_fan

    Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me about the CRNA practice at Northwestern in Chicago, IL. I'm looking at applying there but would like to know more about the model of practice, autonomy, pay/benefits, etc. Anything offered up would be helpful!!!! Thanks!!
  2. harley_fan

    Aspiration Question

    Just a quick question--- When a patient is aspirating thin liquid what is the action that you take? I'm just curious to see what other people do in this situation. Thanks
  3. harley_fan

    What is your least favorite kind of med-surg patient?

    I don't like taking care of the noncompliant patients. They come in the hospital and stay for an extended period of time not really committing to any treatment plan, or refusing cares. It stinks that they waste the staff's time, the taxpayer's money, and they occupy a room that could be used for someone who probably would be more appreciative of everything we do!
  4. harley_fan

    What does Charge Nurse really mean?

    I see the charge role being someone who can be used as a resource person for the other nurses. They are the ones who will take charge in the absence of the NM. They help keep the unit running smoothly. I definitely don't see them as my boss, yet for some reason at this hospital that I am at, that is what they refer to themselves as.. "the boss." If that is the case, half of my coworkers are my boss?!?
  5. harley_fan

    Trach Suctioning/Hyperventilation

    I have a question regarding trach suctioning. I haven't done it since I was in school and things are different on a plastic dummy versus an actual person! I had another nurse come in with me to refresh my memory and the way she hyperoxygenated my patient was by turning up the oxgen to >15L. That was left on him for a minute and then she started suctioning. Put the O2 mask on again for about 30 seconds and then resuctioned.. etc. So, I am wondering if you have done this/seen this done ever. Do you think it offers the same benefits? On a quick side note.. RT came up when I started suctioning and she helped hyperoxygenate hime with a bag.. he seemed to become more restless with that method versus the O2 mask oxygenation. Thanks for any feedback!
  6. harley_fan

    holiday pay

    I'm just wondering how many of you do not get any additional pay when working your holiday. I've never the a hospital won't pay time until now! Thanks
  7. harley_fan

    A Nurse's Lifestyle

    I make about 24/hr.. and I've only been working as an RN for about 5 months. I think this is a pretty decent hourly wage, and the PTO adds up fast too. I also like the fact that I work 3 days a week. The scheduling is so incredibly flexible. We were able to build a house and furnish it with brand new furniture.. and I'm only 23! We both drive modest cars, and we both have harley's. I like that I am able to not penny pinch and cry to my parents for some money!
  8. harley_fan

    Real ER vs TV ER

    How about when the tv ER NEVER knows what the ambulance is bringing in! Do they NOT use a radio to communicate?? AND the tv ER keeps the patient in the ER for observation. What about sending them to the unit for observation?!?!
  9. harley_fan

    Starting IV

    There were residents in an ER that I worked at that would start/attempt to start IV's. I believe they had to fulfill some requirement to start a certain amount of IV's.
  10. harley_fan

    Arghhh, my aching legs & feet!

    I had the same problem also. I bought a pair of support socks. You can get them at any uniform shop. They work wonderfully. After 12 hours, my feet/legs don't ache as much!