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v.wolf has 11 years experience as a BSN and specializes in NICU.

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  1. Hi everyone, I am a RN who lives in British Columbia, Canada and looking to obtain US license. I graduated in 2010 and have both a perioperative specialty and a neonatal specialty. I have 4 years labour and delivery experience and my last 7 years of work has been in a large level 3 NICU working in all roles including PICC insertion and management, charge nursing, and clinical support nursing. I also worked for a local college in the neonatal nursing specialty training program as a clinical nursing instructor. I am looking to relocate to the US to be with my long term American partner. I am hoping to obtain a nursing license in Oregon but from what I read sometimes it makes more sense to start with initial license in a different state that may be easier to secure (please correct me if I am wrong). We also have ties and family in Hawaii, which is another option, but I am unsure if Hawaii would be more difficult. In 2017 Canada switched from the CRNE to the NCLEX, which unfortunately was years after I graduated, so this is something I need to complete as well. I am currently enrolled in a prep course, but I know I cannot write the NCLEX until I have been approved by a state. After reading countless threads, I am still finding this process confusing. I know I would need to apply to the state, complete a visa screen, CGFNS, write the NCLEX, etc, but am finding it impossible to find clarity around this process and order of steps. I also realize this may take over a year. If anyone has insight and would be able to advise me on next steps (or a reputable company to help assist me with this process), that would be incredible. Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. I am a nurse currently working in Northern Ontario, but am looking to relocate to Europe for 1-2 years. I was wondering if there are any nursing agency's or programs that help line up Canadian trained RN's for jobs in specifically, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, or Malta. I have family in these regions and am looking to be a little bit closer, but am open to almost anywhere in that region at this point. Does anyone have any advice about how to go about this? Has anyone taken an RN position in Europe before? How did you do it? I have been contacting hospitals directly, but am having a very difficult time finding out information. Any more information about this process would be very much appreciated! Thank you for your help!