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  1. kingcody04

    To be a nurse or not to be a nurse?

    HAHA. Very true! You gotta do what you gotta do to survive. I was seriously considering physical therapy and it is definitely my passion, but the amount of debt is somewhat scaring me. My mother teaches at a community college which would allow me free tuition, and the college offers an excellent nursing program. Even though I love pt, being able to graduate college with a decent job and no debt is definitely a big reason why nursing has now become my passion. Haha. It is always commendable to be practical.
  2. kingcody04

    First week of class wasn't what I expected.

    mrBojangles: I am going to be the odd man out and encourage you and to keep pushing forward. These people do not fully know what the situation was you were facing, so rather then putting down your perserverence. Keep it moving, and brush off the negative remarks.
  3. kingcody04

    Gay male nurse stereotype?

    Thank you gentlemen. Definitely reassuring. I love everything about rehabilitation, and that's what will shine through, not my preference of the same sex.
  4. kingcody04

    Gay male nurse stereotype?

    Hey everyone. This will seem off topic but I'll steer it into the right direction. I actually am not going into nursing, but considered it. I came across this forum post and found it fascinating, because I am going into Physical Therapy. Now I am not the most macho guy, I am androgenous (somewhat female, and male charateristics and mannerisms), and I am homosexual. I am afraid that my personality might be an issue, even though I have a strong desire to work in healthcare. I feel like people will classify me as a wussy, and that I am not compentent like other "straight men" are. It's definitely an issue I am struggling with, but know I can overcome. Stereotypes are always in people's way. I may have some feminine tendencies, but it by no means should imply that I am a waste of space in PT. Same for you guys in nursing. Suck it up, and don't let people stand there and question you as a person. Just give top notch patient treatment, and no one can question your integrity.
  5. kingcody04

    LCC Accelerated 2010

    HEY LCC students pondering accelerated program. Have you seen the updated version of the advising guide. There is new ways to get ahead and guarantee a spot if you are planning on applying in 2012. You get extra points if you took any of the nurse assistant classes, and also volunteer experience is weighted heavier and is seperate from work experience now. I know this won't apply to anyone planning to apply in '11, but it helps people like me who were going to enter the program in '12 plan ahead!!! Just thought I'd share it!http://http://www.lcc.edu/nursing/nursing/admissions/nurs-advising-guide-COMBINED.pdf
  6. kingcody04

    Anyone applying for LCC's Nursing program this spring?

    Crystal, Thank you. It's reassuring to hear that. But my friend who just got accepted this Spring said the cut off was 80 and she's pretty sure it will go up more next year, so 82 may not be enough. Maybe I'll have to give up my dream of starting next fall (2011)... kind of crushed. I just can't imagine that it will be too much higher... it's getting the point of impossible. 82 points is the absolute most I could have before next admission date. What are your thoughts? -Cody
  7. kingcody04

    Anyone applying for LCC's Nursing program this spring?

    Lee, Yeah, I am in the exact same predicament. I have 2 classes this summer (SOCL and SPCH) and 4 classes in the fall (BIO202, BIO203, PSYC205, and CHSE100) and I would basically have to 4.0 all of these, use the CHSE100 for the 2 points, and volunteer and I'll have 82 pts. I don't know how realistic this will be seeing that I'd have to 4.0 everything here on out. UGH! But if everything goes according to plan, I'd pray that 82 would be enough. Anyone offer thoughts, suggestions...?