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  1. jacksonvillelpn

    Nurses! Let's stand up and help the victims of Hurricane Harvey!

    According to another post I read, the Texas board of nursing will fast-track both LPNs and Rns.
  2. jacksonvillelpn

    Is it Ethical to Refuse to Treat a Patient due to Sexual Identity?

    Hi, Ruby. I had to go back and re-read the original article, and yes, it was referencing a law that allowed EMS to refuse treatment to persons of different sexual expressions based on their religious beliefs. That is why I commented as a Christian. Otherwise, you are right...it would be better on the Nursing and Spirituality forum. Christian nurses are confident that they have been called, and as Christians, we surrender our rights to judge others when we receive Jesus, because he commanded us not to judge. I know many Christians disobey that command and behave badly as well. They are, hopefully, only misguided, foolish and immature. I assure you, though, Ruby, that we are on the same side here. We want the best for our patients. ALL of our patients. You approach patient care from an ethical perspective, i from a Christian one. We are sisters, you and I. Let us not quarrel, but stand united for quality patient care. And thank you for being an ICU/CCU nurse. I could not do that...the stress would put me in one of the beds. I do geriatrics...thats plenty of stress enough.
  3. jacksonvillelpn

    Is it Ethical to Refuse to Treat a Patient due to Sexual Identity?

    Not only is it unethical, it is UNCHRISTIAN. Jesus healed EVERYONE he came in contact with who was sick. He knew everything there was to know about them, and loved them anyway. He has COMMANDED us to do the same. Love them as I have loved you. I get the issues of not wanting to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, but we aren't bakers. We're nurses, and we are CALLED. We have no right to refuse care for anyone. We surrendered our rights when we accepted the Call. Period.
  4. jacksonvillelpn

    Accidentally told my coworker what I make, BIG ISSUES NOW

    And, you are in WHAT state? I might consider moving, if I won't freeze to death 9 out of 12 months. Here in Florida, it's good pay to start an LPN at $18 and a new RN at $22 in an SNF. Hospitals are a different story, of course, but I can understand why they quit. Especially if they are RNs working under $25.
  5. jacksonvillelpn

    WHAT TO DO...Nurse is refusing to give PRN medication

    Zofran is supposed to be used to prevent nausea/vomiting caused by cancer treatments and surgery. It has also proved to be effective in treating gastroenteritis. However, one of it's side effects can be...wait for it...nausea/vomiting. Is the patient on chemo or radiation therapy? Have any other interventions been tried with this patient? Does he actually vomit if he does not get the zofran, or how does he do without it? How long has the patient been taking the medication? Is giving it RTC prudent or advisable? These are all questions that should be addressed by the patient's care team and PCP.
  6. jacksonvillelpn

    I don't want to clean poop

    Dear OP, lighten up and practice saying "told ya so" with as much sarcasm as only a sister can deliver. It will only take once of being thoroughly shat upon to humble her.
  7. jacksonvillelpn

    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    Would you like to know where those young, inexperienced RNs are coming from, and why they are so compliant? They have spent the last month plus one week in a local nursing home, where they spent the first month in orientation, and the last week dumped into a rehab unit were they were asked to care for any where from 12 to 30 SUB-ACUTE rehab patients with IV antibiotics, g-tubes, wound vacs, and a plethora of high tech issues that the hospital dumped way too early. They RUN out the door with NO notice and head straight into the arms of your administrators, willing to offer them twice as much money( which is still nothing for hospital work) fewer patients, and a promise that their high acuity patients will shortly be shipped out to the nursing homes they just left. Thank Medicare, Obamacare, and your elected officials who 1) Know LESS THAN NOTHING about healthcare, 2) are in the back pockets of your administrators and 3) think they're getting top-of-the-line health care at Walter Reed. HaHaHa...we get the last laugh there, anyway.
  8. jacksonvillelpn

    How many of you actually enjoy your job?!

    If you entered nursing school because you felt either called or destined to it, then, no matter what you have to deal with, you will love being a nurse. This is how, and why, you will be happy. If you focus on the "job", you will always be miserable. Because the "job" sucks. But being a nurse is wonderful and amazing. Serve your patients. Focus on their needs. That is what you were meant to do. Do your best to ignore the garbage that swirls around every corporate culture everywhere, whether you are a lawyer, car dealer...whatever, or nurse. You weren't meant to be a corporate lap dog. You were called to care for your patients. Heal the sick, comfort the hurting, love the hard-to-love. Let others deal with the business end. You have your own "business ends" to deal with. Good luck. Study hard, keep your chin up and your head down, and fly below the radar.
  9. jacksonvillelpn

    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    This also holds true in nursing homes/rehabs. And those hot-out-of-school-and-can't-get-a-job-in-a-hospital nurses? After orientation they work on their own for a week and run for the door, costing the facility $$$ in wasted training. The facilities are adding vent and cardiac units, with little to no change in the usual 1 CNA to 12 patients and 1 nurse to 20-24. Rx for disaster. Oh, and PRN nurses? Gone...they cost too much. Overtime is cheaper. A few years ago a doctor friend of mine warned that the way things are going, the healthcare system is destined to implode upon itself. Hopefully there will be enough nurses to come behind and pick up the pieces.
  10. jacksonvillelpn

    Common nicknames for hospital items.

    Depending on the doctor, the cream containing Ativan, Benedryl and Haldol is either ABH, BAH, or HAB. I just call it Happy Cream. Seroquel, or quetiapine is Quiet Time, and Xanax is Vitamin X. Can you tell I work in the dementia unit?
  11. jacksonvillelpn

    Best Mispronunciation?

    I don't know why, but it took me forever to say metoprolol instead of metoporol. I also call quetiapine "quiet time", but I do that on purpose.
  12. jacksonvillelpn

    LTC 101: What To Expect

    Excellent! Next Monday, I will celebrate my 3-year anniversary as a LTC nurse, and I have encountered every single situation except actually turning away an admission. Yes, that includes replacing a pulled-out g-tube with a foley...we don't even HAVE replacement kits. That gets done at the hospital. As far as family goes, I think I've known the spectrum: from those who are there every day and are actually helpful, to those I've met ONCE, and those who need the anti-psychotics they want us to give to their parent. I currently work in the dementia unit, and I swear some of their kids are certifiable! But I love my job and my residents, and have no plans to do anything else in the near future.
  13. jacksonvillelpn

    I feel like a glorified maid

    Dear fellow nurses, I too, experience all the frustrations of the corporate climate, so here's what I do: I continue to remind myself that, in the end, I do not work for them, but for The One who called me to be a nurse in the first place. He expects me to love my patients and serve Him. While you are enjoying your Heavenly Hot tub in the Mansion that you have built for yourself every day that you toughed your way through the mess, "they" will be answering to The Boss! I hope this helps someone.
  14. jacksonvillelpn

    Nurses and 12-Hour Shifts - How to Make the Best of Them

    The hardest part of the 12hr shift is my 3-day weekend on: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I've found that the best way to deal with it is to have easy meals, forget the dishes, unwind, shower and get to bed before 10, and up at 6. Don't have to bathe, just put on a little makeup, dress and go. I usually sleep late Monday, then get caught up on housework and enjoying my time off. Of course, I'm single. If I were married my husband could do the dishes.
  15. jacksonvillelpn

    Manual BP Assessment on Elderly

    I have a different take on this all together. I have worked in LTC for almost 5 years now...2 years as a CNA/nursing student, and 3 years as a nurse. CNA's are required to do vitals at the beginning of each shift. It's that way in every facility where I've worked or had clinicals here in north Florida. Not that it always happens that way, and sometimes you have to stop and do your own BP, but most of the time it's the CNA's job.
  16. jacksonvillelpn

    What's your favorite shift to work?

    I've been working 3-11 as a CNA part time/prn for the past 1 1/2 years and attending nursing school full time. Not a morning person...it was murder having to get up at 6:30 for school 2 days/week and 5:30 2 days for clinicals! Now that I've graduated and passed my NCLEX, I have been hired by another facility FULL TIME on 3-11, and I am thrilled! I'm going to have a longer drive, but if I were to stay at my current facility, I could only work PRN, which means any shift, with a lot of days...yuck!!