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  1. UCF2009

    Not a real nurse?

    I just recently started my first job as a PSYCH nurse, and I love it. It is just as hard as any other nursing field out there. I love working with the clients that I come across each different, and everyday is always different. I was so surprised how much I actually learn from the clients especially about there medications. So one thing I can say about PSYCH is that I'm a real nurse taking care of business like every other nurse.
  2. UCF2009

    Should she be suspended?

    It varies by state to state, but during clinicals from what I say was the new nurse coming on the shift, and the outgoing nurse from the previous shift would do a count of the narcotics. They had a binder that they would document this information, but I have seen many nurses in the hospital go ahead and get all the meds, and sign for them, and then go give the patient there meds. Well in your friends case I hope it has just been an error.
  3. UCF2009

    student loans...

    Well I do not know what area that you live in, but I live in Florida. I know when I was in school a lot of the local hospitals offer scholarships to cover the cost of tuition, books, and fees. Also, once you graduated from the program you would have to work for that hospital for two years. So that may be a route that you can try, because nursing school can be expensive, and it does also depend on how much you can get in loans. Also, you may be even to get a private student loan to cover the whole cost of school, and your extra expenses. Did you apply for fin. aid to see if you would qualify for grants? I know when my friends mother was going to nursing school back in Texas as a single mother of three they had a lot of resources to assist her with paying her home bills. So in your area there may be some resources out there that could assist you. I wish you the best of luck.
  4. UCF2009

    need some guidance...

    I am sorry to hear about what you have been going thru, and I would appeal this. While I was in school we had two students diagnosed with Cancer in the third semester of a five semester program, and they had to miss days for treatments, but my school and the nursing department made arrangements to allow them to make up any class time or clinicals missed. I hope everything will work out for you, and I will keep you in my prayers.
  5. UCF2009

    Should i quit?

    I just want to say please don't give up. I finished up nursing school back in August of 2009, and let me tell you there has been many times that I wanted to quit. If there was any class that I was having a difficult time with I would go, and speak with the teacher about my concerns. I would also get with a classmate that was doing very well in the course, and set up a study session. I would even take the time to review my test with my teacher to see what information that I was not understanding. I can see that your under a lot of stress, but at least try, and talk with your teacher to let them know what is going on, and maybe they will be able to work with you. Goodluck and keep your head up.:)