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  1. SRNA's: Study Schedules, Sleep, Sanity?

    Is this what the grading is in most CRNA classes?
  2. Military CRNA Programs

    If you only look at your military salary that you are making after you finish your education then it is not much compared to the pay you make as a civilian. Even as a captain your base pay will not be more than $50K/ year. Of course you can live on b...
  3. I'm in!!

    I was actually considering moving back home to Chicago since I could live with my parents or other relatives and work at Rush since it is a teaching hospital and Magnet facility in hopes of increasing my chances of getting accepted in a similar route...
  4. LaGuardia Community college

    Paula, you're the best. Good luck and congratualtions at the job you have waiting at HHS! JoJo
  5. old pre-req grades for CRNA program

    do most school require the GRE? I'd imagine it would be harder to take the GRE with such a long amount of time between those classes and the GRE. JoJo
  6. old pre-req grades for CRNA program

    This is a bit strange to me but it seems if you retake a class and your last grade is an A and was taken within 5 years then you are equal to or almost equal to someone who has gotten an A on their first try? A number of people mention that admission...
  7. old pre-req grades for CRNA program

    Too true:Lab, discussion, lecture, blah blah blah. lol
  8. Getting work in Adult ICU

    Are you going to get a pass/fail grade? Or is your grade computed without the lab?
  9. old pre-req grades for CRNA program

    I'm going to do all the pre-reqs over since I want to do well on the GRE when I take it but was wondering what admission officers were doing currently. Thanks for all the replies. I love this forum. J
  10. old pre-req grades for CRNA program

    I got a C in Chemistry 10 years ago. By the time I'd be able to apply to a CRNA school it will be a grade that is about 15 years old. I know that most of the CRNA Programs want to use pre-req grades that are no older than 5 years for admittance but w...
  11. LaGuardia Community college

    How many men started out in that class of 40? I'm male and was just curious. Thanks JoJo
  12. LaGuardia Community college

    Good luck with everything! I'm glad i found someone in the program there but I have a handful of questions: 1) when you say that it is very competitive is that because most of the nursing students do not study together? Are the teachers available to ...
  13. LaGuardia Community college

    I plan to finish my pre-reqs there and apply to the nursing program for the Spring 2005 semester. Does anyone have any comments on the nursing program? Also for the first time in doing research on nursing I am reading there are waiting lists of up to...
  14. Getting work in Adult ICU

    Also I saw some student extern positions. Is that what you are talking about? Some had obligations attached to work at the hospital after graduation in exchange for paying some tuition. Do some just offer some small salary instead of scholarship with...
  15. Getting work in Adult ICU

    Thanks! what are some tech positions that I would be able to do in the ICU that do not require a lot of time for education? I will be getting my ADN and will not have much time after September. Just looking at my options outside of working as a stude...