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Disneyfanatic,RN has 1 years experience and specializes in Sub-Acute Care/Rehab.

Mom, wife, nurse, former teacher, lover of all things Disney

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    RN with ADN considering BA in elementary education

    the one nice thing about teaching, though....no matter how bad it got, I always had the summer to look forward to LOL, but yes it could be very stressful as well. I left teaching to be a stay at home mom, and then went to school for nursing because I wanted a job with some flexibility. I wanted to be able to work part time, nights etc, while my kids were very young. Very little flexibility with teaching. Now I can work a few nights a week, or work weekends, and still be available to volunteer for activities at their school, be at field trips, work science fairs...with teaching, that's really hard. Nursing definitely has advantages. Lots of things to think about.
  2. Disneyfanatic,RN

    RN with ADN considering BA in elementary education

    I have an ADN, plus a BA, a state certificate in teaching, and 6 years teaching experience (I was a teacher before I became a nurse. I am not qualified to apply for a school nurse position until i finish the bsn. If you want to be a school nurse, definitely need a bsn---our school nurse is an MSN. I sometimes think about going back to teaching, but one thing to remember is right now there are very few teaching jobs---its not in demand. Thousands of applicants for each position. Nursing, even if its not in demand at this instant, at some point, it probably will be again. As far as job demand, I have a difficult time leaving nursing even though I really miss teaching.