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  1. zimm4er

    Question about Potassium/Dialysate Baths

    you were right to not want to do this. Dialysis is a speciality just like Surgical nursing. I would not feel comfortable in your world. The jug a liquid is acid, it can have different potassium. Then you add the packets to change the bath to what the doctor ordered. The packets come in different Potassium amounts. Unless you are in dialysis this is too much too be doing on the fly.
  2. zimm4er

    Terrified of the stick :(

    If you are used to sticking that is the main point. Your preceptor should have you sticking "easy" people to get you confidence up. Don't think about the needle size, you are not the onw getting stuck. Pt's that have been stuck a lot don't really feel it as much as you and I would. Just remember to rotate your sites--I work in acutes now and how I hate to see people come in with four holes in their access. Go slow to start with. You will be sticking the same people every other day--so you will get to know their access well. This is your first week??? Be ready for the feelings of I know nothing, but you do--You are a Nurse. Good Luck :yeah::yeah:
  3. zimm4er

    Can ER doctors give dialysis orders?

    Ditto to tish. I do not come in unless I am called by my nephrologist. If I did they would give me hell.
  4. zimm4er

    Frustration with Dialysis Technicians

    I agree with the respect. Often it is the old nonlicesed vs licensed butting heads. In nursing often the nonlicensed person has been there so long they really do know a lot, and often tey teach you the ropes. Of course they usually are not able to think holistically regarding the patient.
  5. Dialysis is a real specialty. I worked renal transplant-urology-gi for 10 years before I went to dialysis. It made my assessment skills stellar. Also, helped me learn to formulate plan of cares and what to call a doctor for. I am a firm believer inthat when I call my doc that I know what I want. I am just a firm believer in getting some basic med surg after school to refine your skills and what you have been taught. just my 2 cents
  6. zimm4er

    Acute HD by ICU staff

    I totally agree with the above post. Hemodialysis is much more than it looks. To truely be good takes lots of "practice." AN ICU patient is not where they should ne practicing. The one thing you brought up is the ICU staff at my hospital would not be willing, and would scream out of their scope of practice. After 5 years of sled most nurses are able to troubleshoot mostly on their own. As you know there are those on bost ends of the spectrum--those that are great and I call sled savvy and those that can't even return the blood or do hardly any troubleshooting and think you are their dog. Your administrators are also not thinking about the $$$$--why give away part of your job that brings in lot's of revenue. Two big issues that usually get admin --pt safety and revenue. will stick with sleds and hemodialysis. thank you very muvh
  7. zimm4er

    Common Practice For Acutes Call Back Pay

    I also work for davita, but I was "bought out" from a private pay hospital system. So I am not sure what is old policy vs. true davita policy. We get $3.00 per hour just to carry the beeper. Then every time you get called in--wheter it be for some stupid ten minoute machine kicking--gurantee 3hours pay. If it is longer then the three hours you get time and 1/2 for how ever many hour. So in theory I could get called back in 5 times --get 15 hours of pay and only really spend 10 hours there--of course this is a FANTASY also. Sounds like they are trying to screw you though.
  8. zimm4er

    Davita Acute job

    I work in davita acutes--I like my job. Lots of variety. and autonomy. If I have questions regarding my patient or want to change my orders, I talk to my nephrologist within minutes. The hours are long, when you include call and call back. This all depends upon the physician groupo you work for. Some will call you for stupid things like a K of 6.0, ainstead of giving them Kayelate. I don't particularly like my boss or the company, but I am not sure there is any for profit company that is truely good to work for.