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  1. zel_yu

    Re Entry to Nursing Field

    Hi! Have you tried going for a Nursing Refresher course? That should be of big help. Check with the Nursing Schools if they are offering. If you have extra budget, go for courses that can keep you back in shape and be certified, like IV therapy, ACLS, BCLS, dysrhythmia/EKG, Nursing Pharmacology,etc. Have you tried reviewing NCLEX course books? That should keep your nursing knowledge/skills sharp. Hope that helps.
  2. zel_yu

    Agency PRN

    There is no normal amounts of cancellation of shifts. If the regular staff vs acuity And floor census is adequate enough then there's no need to get agency nurses for that shift.
  3. zel_yu

    Gotham Nursing Agency

    Hello there! I just saw your post... White Glove gives you daily pay (check sent to email a day after) or if you worked Friday-Sunday, you get the check by Monday, then you receive the direct deposit the following day. I heard with Gotham they do weekly deposit instead of daily pay. I dunno much with Gotham, but both of them are 2 reputable nursing agencies as well. I just gave you a comparison with their direct deposit. Hope this helps.
  4. zel_yu

    Fil-Am thinking of studying in OLFU

    I did mine in MCU. :)
  5. zel_yu

    Fil-Am thinking of studying in OLFU

    @ Georgettes: hehe. I'm not a OLFU graduate, it just happen that OLFU is just a walking distance from our home, but I finished my BSN degree from another school. :loveya: I finished mine in 2009, and got my Phil. License as well. I was really surprised that they are really tightening the screening process now for Filipino applicants. The news that I heard at that time as that SSN is needed when applying for eligibility (as of 04/2010), now even the clinical rotations are thoroughly screened. Be it OLFU or other nursing school you might interested to enter, make sure that it is a good reputable school: having good nursing instructors and having a high passing rate for the students as well....if you have time, have you consider applying for Phil. License after graduation? At least you can have a taste of taking a nursing licensure exam, though optional. Try to check CA BON website or give them a call if you have clarifications on foreign-educated nurses applying for eligibility. Hope that helps.. Let us know how'd it go. Good luck
  6. zel_yu

    Fil-Am thinking of studying in OLFU

    hello. seems you might live in Valenzuela, right? OLFU is a good nursing school too as well. It is WAY cheaper than studying in the US. :up:For foreigners like you, yep i do notice that they have "foreigner's" fee just like with the other schools. They have a society group for foreign students. Foreigners are abundant in many schools here in general. As for your student life, they have many establishments around the area, dining and entertainment is within your reach. You can opt for malls, fast food eateries (carinderias) and computer shops to suit your needs. There's a nearby bookstore and uniform stores as well. Good luck in pursuing your BSN career!
  7. zel_yu

    City Hospitals (HHC) Hiring ?

    i'd like to ask how long do you have to wait after you have finished physicals and fingerprinting for them(from the HR of a HHC hospital) to call you? do they give you an exam first before entering an orientation or they'll schedule you up for an orientation immediately once your results (physicals/fingerprint) are good? what id the probability or chance that i'll be hired by a HHC hospital once the HR scheduled you up for physicals/fingerprint exam/submitting I-9 related stuff? i hope someone will respond to my inquiry asap. thank you so much! i hope i can have a work before this year ends.. it's hard having a nursing license without having a work..
  8. zel_yu

    MedCare for Seasonal Flu Shot jobs

    $20/hr? Is that for RN or LPN? :mad:I spoke with Mr. Cowans and he told me that MedCare will pay RNs about $25/hour. I am still waiting for them to release the schedules (time and location) before they can give us the training. I hope this one also works, along with some known immunization staffing agencies.
  9. zel_yu

    MedCare for Seasonal Flu Shot jobs

    hi noski, i inquired at medcare. and the staff told me that they have several locations across america,.. just like other staffing. so i guess whatever state you live, there's probably near location for you. i did submit my application thru fax.
  10. hello. i just want to ask if anyone has work for MedCare Alliance (medcarealliance.net)? I would like to inquire regarding the Flu Season jobs for RN/LPN/LVN/CNA.. I hope you can share your experiences. If you can include how much is the payout I really appreciate it. Thanks. :thankya::thankya:

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