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  1. 3wishes

    I Got Head Lice

    Yeah, give me a minute to fix it!
  2. 3wishes

    I Got Head Lice

    Flashback to 2010: One day my nine year old said, My head itches (scratch, scratch). . .Jane Doe (friend) said she had lice last week, but it's not her fault. She got it at her cousin's house.” After visual confirmation, I went to Google to research which OTC brand was most effective. Couldn't find much difference between permethrin and pyrethrin, so though I hated using pesticides on her, I picked one, put on a long DVD, and got started. A couple days later, there was still a live louse. I did some more research, read lice are becoming resistant to these pesticides, and looked up the active ingredient in the expensive ($90ish a bottle) newer Rx treatment – benzyl alcohol. I found its available cheaply from chem suppliers online. When looking for an emollient substrate to mix with it, I stumbled across the Nuvo (Cetaphil) Method.” Turns out Cetaphil Gentle skin cleanser contains cetyl alcohol which has been shown to be effective in smothering lice. Google Dr. Pearlman – he's a derm who tried to formulate an exclusive lice tx to sell to his wealthy clients and used Cetaphil as the control. It worked better than his product, so he repackaged it as Nuvo”, and tried to make $$$$ off it. His study was published in the September 2004 issue of Pediatrics. He couldn't interest pharm companies to invest in it, so he came clean (haha) and released the Nuvo Method” using Cetaphil on the web. My daughter already showers with Cetaphil since she has mild eczema, so I had it on hand and just switched to it for the 7 day follow up tx. I get it at Costco, or at CVS when they send out coupons. Worked great, smelled better, and left her hair soft. Still took a lot of time because you blow dry it in to shrink wrap the lice, but hey, they won't become resistant to suffocation, will they! Here are some citations, Pearlman's method, and additional resources: CDC. (2013, September 24). Parasites - Lice - Head Lice. Retrieved from CDC - Lice - Head Lice - Treatment Medline ® Abstract for Reference 71 of 'Pediculosis capitis'. Retrieved from http://www.uptodate.com/contents/pediculosis-capitis/abstract/71 Mode of action. (n.d.). Retrieved from [/COLOR]http://www.liceworld.com/uk/behandling_lusemidler_virkemaade.htm(discusses how various treatments work…or not) Parker, S. (2006, February 1). Healthy children. Retrieved from http://blogs.webmd.com/healthy-children/2006/02/got-lice.html Pearlman, D. (n.d.). The Nuvo® method for head lice using Cetaphil® Cleanser. Retrieved from https://fsmn.org/sites/default/files/nuvo-method-lice-treatment.pdf
  3. I just finished adv patho online for my RN-MS. Now I'm registering for online leadership & mgmt. I've been searching for a thread or facebook page where online TWU NP and RN-MS students share experiences, advice, wisdom, support, etc. the way everyone easily does on campus. Online classes are great except for the isolation! So does anyone know where TWU NP students network? If not, let's make a place and spread the word!
  4. Hello to my new classmates! I already have questions for you and anyone already in the RN - MS program. Have you received a tentative class schedule for RN - MS? Or an advisement form? Has anyone been able to register and for what classes? I only have the RN - BSN tentative class schedule and when I called I was told it was the same, but how can that be when the RN - MS substitutes 3 undergrad classes with grad level ones, like adv patho instead of patho. I want to register for adv patho BIOL 5333-51 but haven't been able to. I emailed the adviser yesterday but I'm anxious for any info since registration has already started. Thanks!
  5. 3wishes

    Tarrant County Fall 2011 Applicants

    Me, too. Plus 2 maybe 3 others I know. Having theory tests after clinical will be a drag. Have you heard if the clinical instructor is the same as last semester? Heard she's good, but there's a rumor she might be retiring. Where were you this semester. I was at Kindred. I hardly know where to begin studying for these comprehensive finals. omg... one week left to review all this? there goes my gpa.
  6. I was wondering about that. Seems that it would ideally be a two way street between hospitals who are "competitors": hospital A loses a newly trained RN to hospital C, but gains one from hospital B. If it becomes apparent to hospital B that movement of newly trained RNs is primarily one way, "away", will hospital B add to the imbalance in the system by decreasing its own new RN positions to stop its losses, relying on hosp. A and C to continue training the workforce, or will hosp. B investigate why hosp. A or C is the preferred employer and how hosp. B can make itself more attractive? Does hosp. B even have any incentive to continue training its own RNs, or is it to hosp. B's benefit to only hire experienced RN's? So many threads have been started by job hunting new GN/RNs about this very scenario that it appears there are many hosp. Bs out there. Haven't people always left due to life changes and greener grass?
  7. 3wishes

    Step away from the nursing forum...

    Ok, ok,ok. I'll go do my homework...just 10 more minutes!!!
  8. 3wishes

    ADN to MSN

    kimmeyd, I understood from the website that for the rn-msn program, you only had to have completed the equivalent of a year's rn employment by the time you begin clinical placement. Meaning, I thought, you could work say 18-20 hrs a wk., maybe less during toughest semesters and more during easier ones, as long as they added up to whatever # of hours they consider to be a year fulltime? No? Also, you are the only one in this program that I have seen reply to any questions in a long time! Thanks! Maybe you could recruit some others to allnurses. We have lots of questions, such as, did you or anyone you know of take those challenge tests for course credit? Thanks again for any info on the program, even random info.
  9. 3wishes

    Any TWU or UTA NP students??

    I will be making this same decision in 2013. What did you decide and why and how's it going? Well, I hope. Do you have any answers to the questions you had last year? Thanks!
  10. 3wishes

    I can't believe this! This is crazy!

    YES, I was totally thinking about that bunny. She has his address and could be building a completely fictional relationship in her delusional mind. How to stop this in its tracks, w/o negative repercussions and boiled pets??? "It's not you, it's me??"
  11. 3wishes

    Chances of getting into TCC Nursing?

    This is true, and now that there are no bonus point classes, everyone's competitiveness lies entirely on the science gpa and hesi, so the higher, the better.
  12. 3wishes

    Tarrant County Fall 2011 Applicants

    There's Riscky's, Uno's, Flying Saucer... is that Cabo place still there? Mi Cocina has a nice outdoor area, but it's further south of TRC and a little more upscale. I've seen some newish places I can't remember. Anywhere else? The hospital district has some unique places. Anybody know some popular ones? There's a Gloria's on 7th St. (Montgomery Plaza)-great ceviche tostadas and killer margaritas. Cowtown - Joe T's - more good margaritas by the pool.
  13. 3wishes

    Tarrant County Fall 2011 Applicants

    lmd, I have this schedule, too, but I put my name on the board to trade for any of 6 other schedules that have a.m. clinicals AND a.m. theory. I doubt I will get a call from anyone, though, especially the best ones for me (50710 or 50707 or 50704). Anyone know anything about this hospital?
  14. 3wishes

    Tarrant County Fall 2011 Applicants

    So you people who've already bought books: does that mean you've figured out that the "limited time offer package deal" talked about in our packet is not really a good deal...too many books we won't really use? new versions when older will do? Speaking of, would ya'll mind posting what edition, price and store/site you purchased from so we can compare with what we find? It would be great to know what editions are acceptable and how much they should cost. I'm hoping to get older print versions for next to nothing, then purchase the current e-book, if that's ok.
  15. 3wishes

    Tarrant County Fall 2011 Applicants

    I just ordered 2 magnetic ones (7.99 ea) from SO campus. The cashier said the magnets are awesome. They should be ready in 2 wks.
  16. 3wishes

    Tarrant County Fall 2011 Applicants

    Thanks, lmd. I'm relieved she didn''t mention any research papers. Is the APA just for the care plans then?

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