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  1. RoseanneMartin

    More Info about error in Living Donor Transplant

    For what its worth: The living donor and recipient of a recently flawed kidney transplant at UPMC are a COUPLE who did not know that the donor, a woman, was hepatitis C positive, and didn’t find out until after the kidney was transplanted into the man, sources told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Hepatitis C has been transmitted between sex partners and among household members, but the degree of risk is believed to be low. Even if he went longer without a kidney, there's a chance he may have received Hep C anyway...not that it makes a difference because the principle lies within the disconnect...but STILL.
  2. RoseanneMartin

    Lost and confused new nurse.

    Part of my reason for becoming a nursing student was to identify unmet needs and apply my business background to provide solutions. In a perfect world, I will come up with a solution and make a business out of it and retire at 35. :) Keep your business intellect sharp and maybe sooner or later you can marry the two. But it wont happen without putting in some clinical time, I'm sure. So bedside nursing isn't your thing. You can always get your masters too...that opens up quite a few doors and changes your role. Set long term goals. When you get depressed about bedside nursing, you'll remember what you're working toward and pull yourself up by those bootstraps.
  3. RoseanneMartin

    CCAC Spring 2011

    Learning so much, already!!!!!! They say they start you off easy and it really is easy. They also say it gets much harder later. I believe it. There is so much to learn. We've given bed baths, cleaned g-tube surrounding areas, applied some treatments, learned how to read charts, take blood pressure and pulses and some other vital signs. Its a lot of reading and you need to know a lot. I'm trying to soak up learning opportunities whenever I can. I ask my clinical instructor "why" a lot and shes patient with me. It helps drive points home and will make me a better nurse. Shes amazing. Oh-and those of you considering e-books...I cant speak for all clinical instructors, but ours wants us to bring the books to clinical to keep in the locker room. The reasoning behind it is so that when she asks us certain things, we can go look it up. Each of us will bring a different book so that we're not lugging the huge things to class. I bought mine off half.com for super cheap. Some of my books are an edition older (my $25 FON is 3rd ed), but I find that its not a problem at all. Ebooks would come in handy sometimes, but not if you need them at clinical...which may or may not be required of you.
  4. RoseanneMartin

    RN to BSN or accelerated nursing program

    Money talks. I decided not to go the accelerated BSN route @ $30-40k a year and chose the community college ADN route @ $2k a year. No brainer for me since I plan on having kids after I graduate and working when I can while they're young...all of this God willing of course.
  5. RoseanneMartin

    CCAC Spring 2011

    So the first week of Allegheny's classes are over. Despite what I've read on this website, it appears to be an awesome program with passionate and dedicated professors. Here we go :)
  6. RoseanneMartin

    Day in the life of OB RN?

    I dont know much about it, but OB positions here in Pittsburgh are typically difficult to get. I've heard from friends (nurses, NPs) that the nurses who have those positions rarely give them up. I'd love to be an OB nurse someday (starting school in Jan) and have done quite a bit of research regarding the dept.
  7. RoseanneMartin

    CCAC Spring 2011

    well, at least it'll be super easy for you!!
  8. RoseanneMartin

    CCAC Spring 2011

    I've read online that there is a lottery system or something when it comes to clinicals. I have to submit my work schedule as well. I'll ask when I register for classes tomorrow. Kin7906:Titers are blood tests to check your immunity for certain diseases you've been vaccinated for in the past (ex: MMR). I did mine at the health dept before Thanksgiving and just got my results last week. They took my blood and sent it to a lab for processing. It was $15/titer. We have 5 titers that we need done. Theres some stuff on the front page of your physical exam form. *LIG, seems like they weed a ton of people out...about 50% cut rate each class...wow. Meowmixer-I know we have drug calc tests, regularly. If you dont pass one the first time, they let it go, but the second time you dont pass, you get kicked out of the program (or so I read from this website). They must have a little mini class on it? I would think one would be fine if algebra basics were mastered?
  9. RoseanneMartin

    CCAC Spring 2011

    Wow...thats nice your uniform came in so quickly. I register next Tuesday AM and get fitted for the uniform that afternoon. I took my CPR class last night and met a NS classmate! Im relieved that I have all the paperwork together. The only thing left to do is buy nursing shoes, register, and get fitted. I keep hearing that NS will be difficult, but in comparison to med school...it cant be that hard, right?
  10. RoseanneMartin

    CCAC Spring 2011

    I've gotten everything back and taken care of (fingerprint, childline, 2 step tb test, etc.) except for the titers. My blood was drawn for them on Nov 17th and I havent gotten any results back although I expect them this week or next. I have to tell my current employer what my hours will be for next semester. Anyone have ideas as to what times we have class and clinicals?
  11. RoseanneMartin

    Centrum Jobs, did somebody heard about this?

    You should notify authorities. They have teams working on scams like this. I found this on the web: There is NO company called Centrum Jobs in London. It's been reported many times a job scam that will want you to send money for various reasons and to various other fake companies with names like Brightcove, EuroSalary, Paladin Media, EuroJobsTeam, etc, etc until you finally figure out there is NO job and you've just sent hundreds if not thousands of pounds to some scammer with no way to get it back Remember - it's illegal for any UK recruitment agency to charge ANY fees to the job seeker. The employer is responsible for all fees. If you've been asked to pay anything, even 1 pound, they are breaking the law. But this company is not even a legal UK company to begin with And if you are from the Philippines, remember that ONLY POEA licensed agencies can recruit Filipinos for overseas jobs. And if you look on their site, you'll see that the only company called Centrum has not been authorised since 2006
  12. RoseanneMartin

    New RN, not interested in bedside nursing

    If you're young and not tied down, I'd say suck it up and be a nurse wherever you can for 2 years in order to gain experience, then go work on a cruise ship and travel the world, girl!
  13. RoseanneMartin

    need advice fellow nurses:(

    What hurt more was the head nurse said that she NEVER made a mistake in her career. When I heard that, I felt useless and weak. She even shared it with the other nurses not involved in the case. The rumor spread like wildfire. I am also ashamed of facing my senior nurse now. There was a point that she asked whether I was lying when I told her the truth. Its a given that no one is perfect, therefore your head nurse has made a mistake before. The biggest thing is, since shes announcing to the world that shes never made a mistake before, what shes really saying is, shes never caught any of her mistakes before and that is worse. MUCH worse.
  14. RoseanneMartin

    CCAC Spring 2011

    At the Allegheny County Health Dept., the TB test is free, the titers are $15/ea. but Hep B titer is $25, and tdap shot is $10 (I needed that one!). I paid $95 total and was in and out in less than an hour. It tends to get busy after 4pm, so go during the day if you can and DONT park at CVS or Arbys-apparently they tow like crazy. With the 2 step tb test, you have to go back like 4 times. I have to go back Friday to get the results of the one I got yesterday, then next wednesday for the 2nd step, then Friday for those results. I'm so glad I didnt wait with any of the paperwork-especially the fingerprinting. 4-6 weeks for something in the mail. Crazy!!
  15. RoseanneMartin

    How do you manage your spouses in nursing

    Stop. You can't please everyone. You are in survival mode and need to regroup! Put your husband first. Children second. Job/School 3rd. Friends last. If I were in your shoes, I'd go on a date with my husband, tell him that he is #1 and I'm sorry if it seems I've been neglecting him. Let him know where he falls in your list of priorities. If he is #1, everything else will be much easier. If things are rocky with husbands, it tends to spill over into other areas. Kids are little once. If I were in your shoes, I'd wait til my kindergardener was in full time school to carry 6 or more credits again. Here it is usually first grade for full time school. Your classes will still be around next spring/fall if you decide to spread classes out a little more thinly or temporarily suspend them. Your baby will not. You said your husband has a very decent paying job. I would cut down on my hours at work. Are you able to do 2 days/week? That would free up quite a bit of time if you can afford the pay cut. I would do it. Money cant buy a happy marriage or moments with your kids. And I know it seems impossible to find time to do this, but are you excerising at all? It'll help your body and your spirit gain more energy. And finally, the inlaws. Your family seems somewhat traditional and I dont think youd find it offensive if I assumed he wants to be 'head of the household' and youre OK with that. Since he'll be your #1 priority, you should also be his. He should, and may want to, take the lead and control his parents when they go too far. As his wife, you come first and are above everyone else, including his own parents. You are his priority, he loves you and wants to protect you. He should be able to calm the seas with the inlaws when he sees them starting something. They will learn how far they can push it. When spouses put each other first, the family stays strong. To get through everything, you need this network.