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  1. sheilab


    we have just started first contact programme along with evercare and continuing care the only ones i see profiting from this will be the doctors when people ask for house calls they will be seeing a nurse instead
  2. sheilab

    Nursing student in Canada needs an RN

    hi melinda i'm a community nurse would like to help you any way i can
  3. sheilab

    Pilonidal sinus/cyst excision

    may be interesting to see. have seen quite a few recently does he have a hairy butt!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. sheilab

    Wound vac question

    you need to remember to make sure the patient is not allergic to iodine first that their thyroid function is ok and that you patch test them first before you use it.you should only use 30-50grams a week. there are other dressings on the market that are good that are a good fight against mrsa, especially alot of the new silver dressings.:)