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  1. jhill62

    Galen Tampa Aug 2010?

    I wouldn't worry if you passed. I got into the May program and I applied two weeks before the program started. They should be taking about 72 students if they hold consistent with the last group. It is a good school, but don't take it lightly, you will need to study, study, and study some more. Good luck!
  2. jhill62

    Got accepted into Galen-Tampa

    I'm in "A".. Ty Hilliard
  3. jhill62

    Got accepted into Galen-Tampa

    Well week one is almost over now. I think I made a good decision coming here at this point. Time will tell, but I do feel like I'll be better prepared coming out of here. I just try and not think of the money I'm spending..yikes!!
  4. jhill62

    Galen-St. Petersburg May 2010

    Are you in group "A" or "B"?
  5. jhill62

    Got accepted into Galen-Tampa

    My cousin is at Galen (Tampa) in his 2nd quarter of LPN. I can tell you this, his class started with 60 students and is now down to 29 or 30 I believe. I was there today for an information session and the lobby was filled with crying students who had just learned that they had failed their 2nd qtr finals, meaning they were done. The admin took their id badges and access cards and told them to leave! (Much to the horror of the other prospective students in the waiting area). I can tell you this from his experience..STUDY STUDY STUDY! And when you think you've got it down, STUDY it again. My cousins biggest complaint is that the tests are worded to confuse you, and that you must never forget that you ARE a number here. Yet, despite these complaints, I still wanted to see what the school could offer. I was shocked to have more than one student walk by me and say "Don't come here". Now I feel like I'm back to square one again.. I hope you have a better experience...Maybe I just came in on a bad day but after hearing all of my cousins stories of insanely difficult exams, vindictive and arrogant instructors, problems getting clinical sites organized, I'm thinking I would be better off spending my money elsewhere......