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  1. You should do it sooner rather than later, I think the longer you spend on the regular "task oriented" units the harder it is to transition to ICU. If you are working in a good hospital you should have critical care classes as well as a long orientation period. Don't ever let money stand in the way of achieving your career goals, you'll make it.
  2. nursepercy

    placement of transducer on a neuro pt

    Thanks, got my answer in the Neuro thread.
  3. nursepercy

    Leveling art line to tragus for cpp???

    I work in a SICU that takes all neuro and trauma pts, all of our neuro pts have their art line leveled at the external auditory canal, although I couldn't figure out why until reading all these posts. We treat for a CPP
  4. nursepercy

    placement of transducer on a neuro pt

    Can someone tell me the rationale for placing the transducer level with the external auditory meatus on a neuro pt?

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