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    Forgetting to chart prn narcotics or other prn meds

    yesterday a Resident asked for prn pain medication. it was scheduled q8hours prn. I looked in the MAR and saw that the last time it was given was 7pm the previous night (it was now 10am) I gave her the pill, then went to sign the Narc book. It was signed out at 6:30am by a Resident Assistant (a whole other story). She did not sign the MAR nor tell me about giving it when I came in. I informed my DON (who happens to be the RA's daugher) and she repremanded me for not asking her if she gave any narcotics or checking the narc book first (I looked in the MAR which is the legal document) Was I wrong or right? Any help would be needed. I'm thinking about quitting, but I really love my residents and the job.

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