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  1. Hafsah A.

    prism career institute?

    Alright, I'll be sure to tell Mary. I start in August.
  2. Hafsah A.

    prism career institute?

    Thanks Ericadawn, for responding to my post. That's great news! I am looking forward to meeting Mary. I'll be sure to let her know what you said. I will certainly work as hard as I can. Awesome, you'll be a RN very soon, Congrats! Were you able to transfer any of the courses you took at Prism. I actually want to return to school to become a RN as well. How did that work? Did you take a challenge course?
  3. Hafsah A.

    prism career institute?

    Hi, I am currently enrolled in Prism's Cherry Hill Program. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me. Do you feel you were adequately prepared for testing after graduation? Was it hard to find work? What are some facilities this school uses for clinical rotations? Did you guys always finish at 4 p.m. or were you dismissed early often? How's traffic in the area after dismissal? I also wanted to say thanks for your post. It's nice to hear good thing about my new school!

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