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  1. Ag02143

    I passed the Adult ANCC exam, here is how,

    How long did it take you to get the Authorization to Test after you completed the application with the official transcript, etc? I signed-up for the ANCC, but am a bit worried about the timing. Their website says 2-8 weeks for the Authorization!
  2. Ag02143

    Boston College Masters Entry Program 2010

    Hey! I'll be in the FNP track at BC next year--can't wait to meet you all! I'm working in Boston and taking pre-reqs now. Is anyone else taking Biochem at Harvard Extension this summer? I just read someone's post about Micro at Bunker Hill... I'm also taking it this semester--what lab section are you in? For housing, I live in Inman Sq. in Somerville and hope to stay in the neighborhood. One of my roommates and I are moving to a smaller space, but our wonderful 4 bdrm/2bath will be available 9/1. I love the neighborhood and there's a bus that'll get you close to BC without taking the Green Line. I'd love to get together before school starts--maybe we can plan something in the next few months!

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