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    yes, it's the same ciriculum, but just different school, it's Louisiana Technical college, just in a different town. I've about made my mind to start over, as you said refresh my mine on sooo many things. I know it's a long road ahead, but my dream is worth it.
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    Hi all, I am a post and pre nursing student, I've been to school 2 times first time pharm 2 got me out, this time ob got me out, my question is and any advice given would be appreciated. Now, I'm going back, I have a choice of 2 schools, the one I previously attented and the one I'm thinking about going to. The first one doesn't start back up till Jan 2011 the other August 2010. Now I just spoke with the instructor from my first one, she said I could come back and take peds and med surge 2, but still won't graduate in December of 2010, plus if she gets enough students she may teach ob between semesters, now I'm torn between taking those 2 the if chance that she can get a class started for ob and going to the second school which means starting from the very beginning. I think what hurt me the first time I flunked out I didn't go back for over a year and couldn't recall a lot from the first year, to my thinking if I start all over again, it will help me in the long run retaining info I couldn't in the past. so, with that, do I start over or take the peds and med surge 2, I still have to wait on graduating either way...

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