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  1. nursesrock1980

    I'm sure this has been said.. MA's calling themselves Nurses

    This is actually one of my biggest pet peeves. Actually the whole MA thing in general annoys me. They are not held to the same standards by a governing board as nurses, they do not have the same education, and because they are paid less they are more likely to be hired by a doctor's office. Actually I know of many doctors offices that ONLY hire MAs!
  2. nursesrock1980

    TV shows and movies that are ruined, because you know better

    Have you noticed that NO ONE on Er ever washes their hands?????!!!!!
  3. I do not give the orders, but I do have to follow/enforce them. This is something that you should take up with your doctor. i used to tell my patients I don't make the rules, I just complain about them. It usually broke the tension of whatever they were complaining about.

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