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  1. Jeniffer Lebsock LVN

    lpn step test

    You know, when we took the LPN step up test we freaked out.. But we also were not prepared and did not know what to expect. Now looking back it was just like the NCLEX. It was amazing to see what I had forgotten. If you guys are taking it though ATI, there is a test that you can purchase that is going to give you a good foundation to study for. I think you can find it in the online store through the site! Of course each test is different but the content will be the same.. Know your pharmacology!!! Side effects etc.. that was a big one that I remember.. And its not just N/V/D Brush up on Steroid usage! I also had a lot of OB and Peds which I did better than I thought I would of. Maybe because I have had babies.. Never worked a day in my life in either specialty. My best advice to you would be if this test counts on your admission into the class or program buy the test through ATI or purchase an RNCLEX book. I bought one on line Amazon.com by Saunders its yellow I think. I used these going through LVN school for each body system before a big test. Not only was it a great help with helping me prepare for my test but it really helped me prepare for boards by introducing the type and level of questions we will later see!! If it is just to see where you are, that was our case when we took it, I wouldn't stress on buying the test but rather spend your money on the RNCLEX book and go though each section if you have the time:) Good luck to you! Jen
  2. Jeniffer Lebsock LVN

    New TEAS V Science Section

    Thank you for the quick response!
  3. Jeniffer Lebsock LVN

    lpn step test

    Yeah none of have heard of the "Step up exam" either.. When we originally took the step assessment and then heard of the changes to the program, we thought oh yeah, no problem we already took it.. Well we didn't.. they are tricky! I cant figure out how to understand the results to the assessment test either and of course no one can help you at ATI, and the instructor said not to worry about the numbers they just wanted to see where we were at.. I did read somewhere that if you have a higher number than the national average 66 I believe, then you're good!! I got 75 for my national average.. It had been longer than 8 years since taking VNclex which is what it reminded me of totally.. and dont forget its all areas.. which we forget! I think its just human nature to want to see what we did wrong or right, a passing or fail score, correct it, and move on! I know for me a lot of drugs and the adverse reactions were really hard.. we cant have a drug book in front of us while taking the test. For me, my practice is, I would never give a drug I dont know about or have never given to my patient without always looking it up in my drug book. The teas we have to take is for version V and yes I have the book from ATI and two practice tests yet to take.. It is very heavy HEAVY on the Chemistry:idea: Some of us, myself included didn't need Chemistry for the program. It is a co-req to Microbiology. I can't even start really concentrating on either of the tests until I complete my LPN-RN transition class. I know both are equally as important, however cant progress to the next step until I pass this class, which shouldn't be any problem. I also just purchased the RNClex book from Saunders I believe, to just start going over the stuff I need to brush up on from the assessment test. That part I can clearly understand I know for some people it was really difficult to pass the TEAS exam and they are very intelligent too.. So scary:eek:
  4. Jeniffer Lebsock LVN

    lpn step test

    Oh my gosh!! Now that we took the Step assessment test, we were just informed that we will be required to take the ATI PN Step up exam.. No other info. Crazy scary.. Have no idea what score is passing.. But do know that if we fail, we are not invited to take the TEAS version V.. I don't know what is more scarier!! Have you Donna or anyone taken both and are they relatively the same?
  5. Jeniffer Lebsock LVN

    lpn step test

    How did you do then on the step? I just took the Step test also and currently trying to decipher the results =/ I am so completely unsure of how I feel about the results and quite frankly my competency as a nurse:confused:confused:

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