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  1. ashlei725

    Please help =]

    Thank you both for your input! I've decided for right now, that I want to stick with office work. It will give me little while to observe what other people are doing, so I will learn a little. Maybe once I feel comfortable there, I'll start these new courses and reach my ultimate goal! =D
  2. ashlei725

    Please help =]

    Hi, I am searching for information on any schools in my area that offer LVN courses. So, if anybody has any information, please share! I am currently taking a course at a tech school right now. The course is focused on office procedures and insurance information, but! I think I'd rather push my future career in a new direction. I want to be more hands-on with the patients, so do you think becoming an LVN would be more satisfying? I do think that I eventually want to become an RN, but it would be better to get some other nursing experience under my belt first, right? Also, do you think I would still use the information I'm learning now if I were to become an LVN or RN? Please give any feedback you can. I appreciate anything! Thank you

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