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  1. kaFUTRrnbsn

    HELP ATI comprehensive predictor :/

    oops, typo on my email its: karina_alanis@hotmail.com thanks !!!
  2. kaFUTRrnbsn

    HELP ATI comprehensive predictor :/

    khloegirl, did you get any info for ATI Comprehensive B?? [lease email to karina_alansi@hotmail.com thanks sooo much in advance :)
  3. kaFUTRrnbsn

    HELP! ATI Comprehensive predictor Form A & B (RN exam)

    hey IwearScrubs :) I will be taking the ATI Comprehensive B version & already took & failed the A version last week...do you have anything that could help me out?? I only have one more chance until I have to re-take classes thanks, KA

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