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    When did u know?

    Dscott, I know exactly when I decided to start my nursing epic. As I to am still a NS, I can relate to your draw. I had an ACDR between C5 and C6 a year ago. Having some medical training in the military and because said procedure was being done to me, I studied every case I could get my hands on. I studied until the wee hours some nights and this perked my curiosity. During the perioperative stage I realized this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. What stage in the perioperative time it was, I do not know for sure. I think it was when I was high and climbing onto the operating table, layed back right before the mask was put on me. The icing was when I actually woke up and had no pain, no tingling and I knew, this is and much more, is what I wanted to share with others. My Nures at every level were the best. From Pre-op to PACU to floor staff. I loved them all.

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