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  1. I started orientation on nov 8th and got off orientation two days ago jan 17th. i guess almost 3 months in total, and i am MISERABLE. i feel like the dumbest person ever, its so fast paced. and although i am def better since i first started i feel like all the senior nurses look at me as if im retarded and today i was giving report to the AM nurse and she completely disrespected me and embarrassed me publicly saying tht i was not giving report correctly, when everything i said she huffed and puffed as if i was killing her, she was extremely intimidating and mean. and then i find out one of my many preceptors complained to my boss that she explained suctioning to me and then i forgot it the next day! im emotionally unstable and sleep deprived i just want to hear other peoples experiences and i wanna know if im just reallllly slow or is this expected? i get mixed reviews:yawn:

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