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  1. SanDiegoGirl19

    National University BSN Program

    hi everyone! i got in too. finally! i thought it would never happen. i applied for the accelerated program. got an 84% on the teas and i have no idea what my computed gpa is. my bachelor's degree is from ucd (quarter system) then i ended up retaking anatomy/physio bc it was about 10 years ago and other schools wanted those classes within 8 years. after all the calculations and retakes, i don't know what the submitted gpa is but it's not as impressive as aberras! i think i have a low 3.?? for those of you who have to study for the teas v, make sure to study chemistry! the test is considerably harder than version 4 (i had a 92% on version 4.) know how to balance equations quickly so you can spend more time on other questions. i studied off the ati study guide book. i also read the science portion of other study books at the book store for review. i actually kicked butt on the science portion; my english portion is what brought my score down. version 5 focuses more on punctuation, spelling and parts of speech. i wish i spent at least a 1/2 hour to review stuff i learned in the 3rd grade! i plan on working a little during school. i just don't want to give up my seniority at the hospital. i hope i can handle it....i'll quit if it gets too hard. i don't have kids so i'll try.
  2. SanDiegoGirl19

    Cal State San Marcos, CSUSM, Accelerated, ABSN 2011

    I appreciate the quick response! I should get my TEAS study material in the mail today. I guess now that it's more competitive, I have to ace the TEAS!
  3. SanDiegoGirl19

    Cal State San Marcos, CSUSM, Accelerated, ABSN 2011

    Does anyone know if the accelerated program is still not impacted? I haven't been to the informational meeting since 2008, so I'm not sure anymore.

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