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    I ended up getting a C- for my final grade this semester and we are required to get a C. My advisor told me today that if I do not find a pathophysiology class to take this summer, then I will be held back a year (it's not offered at my school until next spring semester) and I won't be allowed to take any nursing courses/clinicals until completing pathophysiology with a C. Here's the catch: it can't be online, it has to be a Nursing pathophysiology course (not a general biology) and it has to with a school that's on semesters (not quarters). My school is extremely strict about it and I cannot find any schools that are offering it this summer for the life of me I am trying to find schools near Cincinnati, OH or else my other options are Chicago, Vero Beach Florida, or Cleveland. Thanks so much and I appreciate anyone trying to help. I am extremely desperate right now.

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