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  1. Maive

    CNA's scope of Work

    "Hey Nurse X, I just finished showering Mr. Y and I wanted to know if you were already aware of the skin tear on his left shin or not? And of the bruise on his back?" That's what I normally do. And you're right,maybe I did say something thats sounds like "I'm stating my own assesment" and I should be aware of that from now on. Thanks for response :)
  2. Maive

    CNA's scope of Work

    As a CNA we are the eyes, ears and nose of medical team right? But I can't understand is when I do a skin check on residents in LTC, and found scratches, pressure sores, or other skin irritations, I look for signs of neglect, abuse, and infection. I'm not documenting anything or taking notes. I just want to know exactly what I saw, in case I have to write a report they are base on facts. But Nurses in our facility consider it rather annoying, and reported me for assesing/diagnosing the residents. First I'm not documenting, nor treating, just basic observation, then I will report to the nurse for their assesment and treatment. Second it is part of Nursing assistant program, to know about the signs and symptoms of diseases,sickness, abuse and neglect, if we are not allowed to know then what why the are included in State Exam. Nurses said CNA like you shouldn't do this and that! I just feel it is dicrimination. Is it? Did you have the same expirience? I am new CNA (6 months) and I apply what I've learned in school especially advocating for residents.
  3. I got Hired 3 days after my graduation in Home Health Care Agency, and 2 weeks after I passed my State Exam I got a job in LTC.

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