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  1. tru_angel213

    Cheap steth with good sound?

    hey! im having the same problem. You might wantto just browse the web, one of my friends(also in nursing school ) is currently an EMT and let me noe that the good ones will cost u a lil more about 70 or 80. Look for Littmann which i have herd is pretty good also! & also u shud think about it as an investment bcuz u will be using it for a while :) Good luck!
  2. tru_angel213

    NLN Accreditation vs Non NLN Accreditation?

    Hi ... im sorry but can anyone explain to me what BON is? does that apply 2 NY state? im just confused
  3. tru_angel213

    St Pauls School of Nursing 2010 Acceptance

    Well i hope this helps, i got accepted for St Pauls and received my acceptance letter about 1 month after the 2nd exam. They told me I did not have to do an interview, just a drug test and a background check. However, I did score very high on the exams. After finding out I got accepted, I called the school and asked some questions. They told me they were in the process of getting accredited but I do not believe it...they were very rude and that definetely discouraged me. I have made the decision of not going to the school just because I think it was shady and something didnt feel riite... ANyone out there looking to go to this school be careful because it can cause problems for you in the future. NLN accreditations are very important, especially if you are younger and do not know where you will live in your future. Good luck!!! :)

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