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    Lee Memorial Health System

    youre being a negative nancy.
  2. vrosolenEMT

    Lee Memorial Health System

    I work for LMHS and its really a great company, good with school scheduling, plenty of jobs that pay better than most hospitals in the states (non nursing wise) Im not a nurse, but majority of nurses i work with have been there many years, and those who have left came back telling stories of their new appreciation of the system. *health park is the best hospital in my opinion, ive floated to every hospital multiple times* Schools, colleges and grade schools, are great schools in the area and the prices arent so bad. Plenty of housing around the hospitals itself. If youre looking to buy a house, nows the time in our area because weve had some tough times here. Our system has been busy all year even during our so called "downtime" we were still pretty busy through that. Night shift nurses make a shift difference of $6 dollars an hour which is a lot more than what ive heard other systems hand out. Our system strives for customer service and health park hospital surely shows it in our HCAPS scores. All this information is public i believe because were non profit. I really love this system and ive been with it for 5 years now.

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