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    Concorde vs. American Career College

    I go to Concorde's San Bernardino campus in CA. I'm in the part-time program & I'll be graduating in August. Truthfully, I chose Concorde because it was supposedly the best out of the other vocational schools in that area. After a year and a few months into it, I truly regret it. Like what a lot of said, they're only after your money. They tell you all the nice things that they offer like great teachers & tons of clinical sites but it's a bunch of crap. There are only a few teachers at this campus that I feel I can actually learn from. & the clinical sites? What clinical sites? Until recently, my class was stuck at the same convalescent home for clinicals for almost an entire year. The reason? We were told that there weren't any other sites that accommodated our clinical schedule. (Part-time clinicals are in the evenings & Saturday mornings) When they finally put us into a different facility, we found out it was another convalescent home. We haven't had any experience at an acute care setting at all. My class alone has gone through so much crap with the school & we've made plenty of complaints to the administration but there's no use because there's no one that lasts that at this campus to even make any changes. Seriously, we've had 5 director of nurses within maybe 8-10 months span. & right now, my class is has been without a permanent instructor for about a month now & not one person from administration has tried to tell us what is going on. It really sucks because I entered their program with so much excitement & high hopes. Now it takes sooo much for me to even go to class. & it isn't just my class that's been put through this sort of crap, there is another class who has also had the same sort of bad experience. If you look up consumer complaints on Concorde, you'll find a complaint written by a girl in the other class. I don't know about anyone else but my opinion, don't go to Concorde or at least this campus.

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