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    The Patient I Failed

    to GTMAHAR: You are correct in your comment regarding the role of the RN as being a patient-advocate, however, you are incorrect in one regard. This article is written from the perspective of a nurse, a Caregiver, taking care of this patient NOW! Well after the advanced directive decision was poorly executed previously. I understand your perspective but to voice it so succinctly only ads to the Caregivers Dilemma NOW. This nurse has not failed anyone! Not only is this nursing PERSONALIZING the situation you are perhaps LABELING it; COGNITIVE DISTORTION #9LABELING AND MISLABELING: An extreme form of overgeneralization. Instead of describing the situation, you attach a negative label to yourself (FAILURE): "I'm a loser." When someone else's behavior rubs you the wrong way, you attach a negative label to him: "He's a goddam louse." Mislabeling involves language that is highly colored and emotionally loaded. This article should be entitled... "The Patient I Took Care of Competently and with Passion tho Personally Difficult After Something Bad Happened Before I Ever Came into the Situation!"-- not very sexy but much more accurate! As a "Defender of Caregivers!" I feel compelled to point out that; this Nurse is dealing with a very emotionally difficult scenario she did not create; to attach a LABEL of FAILURE or NOT AN ADVOCATE makes it worse and more emotionally laden and is unfair to the Caregiver.
  2. LonKieffer

    The Patient I Failed

    This article is an excellent example of the Caregivers Dilemma (the basis of my program "Defending the Caregiver!" This Caregiver is exhibiting a classic example of COGNITIVE DISTORTION #10: PERSONALIZATION, where the Caregiver sees herself as the cause of some negative external event which in fact she was not primarily responsible for... this Caregiver failed no one! Instead, she executed her duties no matter how difficult and rather than feel proud of her actions she feels guilty for providing a service that few others could perform.

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