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  1. ready2start

    Hoping for an acceptance letter for CTC and TC

    I'm so glad you posted something! I was looking at posts from previous years. I think letters will be sent early next week. Good luck!
  2. I wouldn't doubt that you only have to have requirements. It is my understanding that the traditional UTA program is tough, but I have the feeling that as long as hospitals have the space, they will take you. Then they can hire you when you are finished with the program. I haven't seen any other threads mention UTA online admissions. I have, however, been trying to meet with an advisor for 4 months! My transcript has been in the "evaluation" stage for weeks. I want to apply by May 15th but can't until the advisors look over my transcript. Anyone else having this problem? Any advice from others?
  3. ready2start

    Hoping for an acceptance letter for CTC and TC

    Also... I think the 12th was referring to the LVN bridging program. I'm assuming they meant the 12th of March. I think the ADN should be soon!
  4. ready2start

    Hoping for an acceptance letter for CTC and TC

    I'm in your same boat, inhisname. I'm sure the letters will come soon!! Good luck!
  5. ready2start

    UTA Academic Partnership with Baylor Hospital System

    Thank you RNwannabe for all your helpful information. The advisors are so busy, I'm having trouble getting any answers out of anyone! My question for you is what was the admissions like? I haven't seem many posts about GPAs or Hesi scores. I understand the traditional track is tough to get into but haven't heard much about the AP.
  6. The website holds all of this information.
  7. ready2start

    Temple College - ADN Info

    Does anyone know when the letters for TC will be sent out?
  8. ready2start

    2.35 GPA too low for Acc Bacc BSN Program?

    Check to see what pre-regs they require. I, too, am going to nursing after completing an undergrad but many nursing school only look at the GPA of certain classes such as Micro, Anatomy, Physiology, Math, and Eng. If you re-take those classes, it will help a ton. My experience so far is school aren't interested in non-science, non-core related classes. But a 2.35 sounds a little low. Good luck!
  9. ready2start

    Temple College Fall 2010 Nursing Program

    If you got the score via email, an 87% is much higher than the average of the people who took the test at TC. I am in the same boat as you GPA/Hesi score wise. I keep hearing you can't get in if you don't have a least a 3.5. My only issue with that is someone who takes only 3 pre-regs will have a better GPA than me who has completed all the pre-reqs including Micro, Pharm, and A&P II. I'm sure letters will be sent out soon!
  10. ready2start

    Temple College ADN Fall 2010

    I would say you have nothing to worry about
  11. Yes! I guess they only have 2 advisors now working on everyone's application. It took me nearly 4 months just to meet with one (I live in Austin, so it was difficult to compare schedules). I, too, signed up for course at Austin Community College in hopes that they were in line with what UTA wanted/needed to start the program. I will be finished with all pre-reqs, including UTA's pre-nursing classes this summer and intend to start in the fall. For some of you that have been through the process already: Do you have to be COMPLETELY finished with all pre-nursing classes before you even apply to the online program? I know UT nursing is extremely competitive, does anyone know how competitive the online program is, GPA, Hesi score wise? What hospitals does AP UTA work with around the state? I saw some people who are already working in a partnering hospital, how do we know which ones are or aren't? I also received an email telling me I was admitted to the UTA nursing program but was told by my advisor that she had to complete my transcript evaluation. Has anyone received this email? Does this mean we are in the program? Any info would be helpful! Thanks!