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cardiac tele/cardiac stepdown
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malgosiaRN84 has 6 years experience and specializes in cardiac tele/cardiac stepdown.

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  1. malgosiaRN84

    Advice about Co-Worker

    the girl has some major issues if shes even KIDDING like that about the camera. i really think it's inappropriate. mind her own business in the breakroom?? really?? the breakroom is definately NOT a place of privacy and everything u say will be leaked. the fact that this chick said it out loud, without any regard for WHO is in the room speaks for itself. shes stuck up and rather weird. granted it may have been just a horrible joke, but thats pretty lame of her. i said it before, i will say it again, go the your charge nurse or manager b/c stuff like this can lead to other things. even tho shes was only "joking" ... i dont think a REAL NURSE would joke in that manner.
  2. malgosiaRN84

    Burnout, bad hours, heavy patient load, what to do??

    that sucks. very hard to deal with. i think it's time to get your RN. you can do it!!
  3. malgosiaRN84

    How would you interpret this order for pain medication?

    check the pt and how he/she is tolerating the morphine i.e are they stable. respiratory system ok? BP/pulse good? pulse ox good? they arent confused or hallucinating? then give the lortab. :)
  4. malgosiaRN84

    Advice about Co-Worker

    to me the answer is PURE and SIMPLE: go to your manager/charge nurse. this is just APPALING i would not give it a second thought. this chick needs to be brought down my friend shes disgusting.
  5. malgosiaRN84

    Contact precaution question

    DEFINATELY gown up b/c u do not know what you are touching with your scrubs (sheets/blanket/gown) and then u are spreading mrsa and therefore pts will be colonized with it despite not having an active mrsa infection. PLUs there is a bunch of crap in the air as well.
  6. malgosiaRN84

    Errors that you caught...

    soooooo, a pt i once had had tylenol 350mg orderd prn q4-6 for VAS 1-4 SUPPOSITORY. the pt never had a fever or anything, could take PO perfectly fine, no neeeeed for a *******' suppository! the worst part: nurses were actualy giving it anally for mild pain.. thats so sad. poor guy.

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