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  1. bella14

    Info on HAAD exam please

    tnx nezzyrn for the info!
  2. bella14

    Info on HAAD exam please

    tnx nezzyrn for the info!:) btw, is there an expiration for the HAAD license? if there is, how long is its validity? because i am a new rn so i don't have yet the 2 year work experience. i only have volunteer experience.would you advise that I take the HAAD exam when i have at least 2 years experience as a staff nurse? tnx again.
  3. bella14

    Info on HAAD exam please

    I still can't post a question. I'd like to know info regarding haad-rn exam requirements? I've spending almost whole day looking for the website regarding requirements for that exam but I was unsuccessful. The only website I found is the pearson vue website but it only tells steps on how to schedule for the exam. I'm thinking whether I need to pass my credentials to the board of nursing of HAAD for their evaluation (just like the NCLEX) then I'll be permitted to schedule for the exam. Or is it enough that I schedule for the exam and that's it? No more fuss unlike the NCLEX?

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