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    The Patient I Failed

    thank you for this powerful story. This is the kind of healthcare reform we need. We need to honor a person's wishes for death with dignity. This would save thousands of healthcare dollars and show respect for the dying. How many family members would insist on heroic actions if the fee came out of their pocket?
  2. sharonaz

    Job outlook for travel nursing in this economy?

    Well, here I am ready to go off to my first travel assignment. I have wanting to do this for several years and I have not had any trouble finding a contract. This will be a totally new experience. My specialties are MedSurg and Home Health. I am very thankful to have found this blog. I agree with what many of the writers have posted about the difference in the economy though. I have practiced for the last 16 years in AZ and the last two years have seen a significant drop in the seasonal, massive influx of snowbird patients. Potential patients are not having elective surgeries. Knees are not getting replaced. People must just be living with the pain. Snowbirds cannot afford two homes anymore. Many have lost significant amounts of their retirement savings. People will still get sick and need nurses though that is for sure.

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