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  1. hikapika

    Tarrant County College - Admissions for Fall 2010

    Try to apply this next application period at TCC! I'm sure your science grades and your TEAS score will guarantee you in the program. We had about 350 applied, and they accepted 130 people for Fall 2010. See you guys in August, and Good luck kellils!! :)
  2. hikapika

    Tarrant County College - Admissions for Fall 2010

    I got my letter today! I got in. I have a 3.7 GPA and I did horribly on the Math and Science Portion of the TEAS. I made a overall score of 76%. I had 2 B's and 2 A's in my sciences.
  3. hikapika

    Navarro College Info

    Hi, I recently applied to Navarro's generic RN program. I made a 87.5 on the TEAS, and I have a 3.8 GPA. I emailed the school asking when will they send out the letters, and they responded that they'll hopefully mail them by May 3rd. I hope I'll make it in, if not I got other opportunities. :) Good luck!

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