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  1. Piecukonis

    How long after interview??

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I asked what the next step was and they stated that it would be a physical and drug screen but that was what I expected when I got that call after the background check and instead got the weird question/no offer. Hmmm. I do work full time now and another big job oppourtunity is coming up in July so I suppose I possibly was just not meant for this job. It's seriously hard not to just sit and wait by the phone though. Ha ha ha.
  2. Piecukonis

    How long after interview??

    Ok so I had completed 3 interviews with one company (1 phone, 2 panel) and felt as if they were very successful. I was then selected to have them do a full background check which I was told was the next step after a successful interview....now here's the funny part. It took about a week for them to get together all the documentation and contact all my refrences (which I am confident were awesome) then they called me out of the blue and all they said was "are you still interested and available for the position?" I replied "yes, I want it very much, am very interested yada yada" THEN they proceed to say "we are down to the last picks and will contact you either way in the next 1-2 weeks" Ummmm...I don't know how to feel about that....why call me and ask then not offer the position? Is this a soft let down? If so...why not just the standard rejection letter? Maybe I am reading into this too much but it's been 3 days since that phone call and I have not heard anything. I mean...why ask me if I am still interested and available to start the job??? but they are not prepared to offer it after a question like that. I guess I am just bugging. This is my dream job. Any ideas?? Thanks!

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