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CalmEnurse has 14 years experience and specializes in Behavioral Health.

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    Do doctors really yell at you, and get away with it?

    Well, I've worked in the Southwest, East Coast and Midwest. And I've been yelled and cursed at by MDs in all three regions. As a new grad I was apologetic and anxious when it happened. Now, after 10 years as a nurse, I stand up for myself and my patients. My current hospital has a great anonymous reporting system for physician (or other staff) behavior incidents. And, I'll say that it is my single biggest pet peeve/ hot button issue when a member of the health care team disrespects or intimidates another member. Especially because the consequence is often decreased communication from nurse to MD, which compromises patient care. This is health care. We take care of people and egos should be checked at the door. MDs have gotten away with too much for too long, but I do think things are improving. Please know that most MDs (and health care staff in general) do not act inappropriately. Most are great. Those that aren't just stick out like the sore, self important losers, I mean, thumbs that they are. p.s. this is my first post after lurking for about a year, so you really know this issue is a big deal to me!!

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