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  1. ajmlpn

    Trying to choose Nursing or Counseling

    Thanks for the info Elkpark. I understand that there is a big salary difference between counselors and NPs, and also that it is harder to find a job as a counselor. So, I will probably do more research on the NP program. I am in TN, and the only schools close by offer FNP programs vs. psych NP programs. That may be an obstacle. For now I will finish the BSN. Your post was very helpful.
  2. ajmlpn

    Trying to choose Nursing or Counseling

    I am currently an LPN working on a BSN. However, my ultimate goal is to be a counselor. EVERYONE I have spoken to tells me I should pursue a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner license instead. BUT WHY??? I know the money is less, but counseling is what I really want to do. Would I be able to take the time for counseling as an NP? And if I did decide to do the nursing, how do I become a Psych NP? Do I get an FNP license and then specialize in mental health nursing, or how does that work? Thanks for the info!!!

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