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    Concorde vs. American Career College

    Please please please!!! Look and do your research on this school. I was attending Concorde (Arlington campus) for the VN program. I was recently dismissed because I did not pass Nutrition. I knew that going into Nursing was going to be a tough road. But the DON and the President of the campus would not budge to give me a second chance to come back to school. They practically wanted me to beg them to get back in. I refused that! Why should I put my education on hold? So now I am taking a step down and going for my CNA certification then work my way up. This school is all about the money. As my friend said, "They are running a business and not a school." Now that I am no longer there, they are asking me to pay them $5,000.00 WTH? Basically they want me to pay for what they lost from the loan. IS THAT RIGHT AT ALL??? What sane person would want to do that? It seems that they keep pushing future students to go for the medical assistant program. I had a classmate that did take that program and she did not get a job right away. So she went back to go for the VN program. When the DON dismissed me from school, (BTW: She made me leave in the middle of my morning class) she was so condescending. And the first thing she said to me, "Sad morning isn't it?" WTH?!!! I was crying in her office and telling her that this is my dream and she did not show one bit of emotion whatsoever. And then she made me leave for the rest of the day. The president of the campus is no good either. She asked me, "What is your real reason for not passing? We would be more understanding if you had a death in the family, or if you were really sick. But you didn't have any of that. You just did not pass." HOW RUDE!!!! I worked my butt off in all my classes. I have NEVER HAD ANY MEDICAL TRAINING PRIOR TO GOING TO THAT SCHOOL. My teachers were the ONLY REASON why I would have stayed or pushed through. They saw my progression and how determined I was. But apparently that does not matter to the DON or the campus president. This campus in particular is just horrible. There aren't enough words to describe it. The only positive thing I can say about this campus are the TEACHERS and classmates. The teachers understand because they are there with you everyday in class or at clinical sites and they see what each student does. They are the reason why that I am still going to go for my RN later in the future. They still believe in me and I am so grateful for that. :redpinkhe Yes it does suck to take a step down and really start from the beginning, but in the long run I know that it will make me a better nurse. So please, think hard before attending this school. If I could take it all back, I would have rather gone through a university so I could get my BSN.

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