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  1. gb8852

    Hurricane Matthew Relief Compensation

    I agree, I feel like my hospital is being very cheap. I am very blessed that my family made it out safely and there is no damage to my apartment, but there are many of my fellow coworkers that were not so lucky. This is all the more reason I feel we should be compensated appropriately so we can start putting the pieces back together.
  2. gb8852

    Hurricane Matthew Relief Compensation

    As a full time employee i am required to particpate, chossong which team you are on is voluntary.
  3. Hello fellow Nurses, I am a nurse here in Southeast Georgia. As I'm sure most of you know, this area was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Matthew. As a result, emergency response teams were activated. "A" team is responsible for remaining at the hospital during the storm while "B" team is allowed to evacuate and relieve "A" team as soon as medical personnel can re-enter the area. Long story short, I am on "A" team and we have now been at the hospital for more than 36 hours. We have had to clock in and out for our 12 hour shifts and management is claiming we will only be compensated "call pay" ($2/hr) for the time we are forced to sleep here at the hospital. I am just wondering...is this standard pay/practice for when hospitals have to activate emergency response teams? To me, it just seems like $2 is insulting considering we are away from our families, the sleeping arrangements are less than ideal, the cafeteria food keeps you in the bathroom every 2 hours and the hospital's census is the highest it's been in months. Not only that, we also have the added emotional stress of not being able to check on our homes to assess damage caused by Matthew. We are very lucky that we even have food and that the generators are still keeping the lights on, but $2/hr is just ridiculous.
  4. gb8852

    Apple Watch

    Getting the watch wet would be the least of my worries. I would be afraid of getting poop, blood, sputum, urine, soap, hand sanitizer, etc anywhere near my $300+ watch. Sometimes after entering and exiting isolation rooms I feel like autoclaving is not enough to clean my $10 Target watch sufficiently. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself, but personally I wouldn't risk wearing your fancy watch to work. Is it really necessary?
  5. gb8852

    Flushing JP Drain

    Of the many JP drains I have taken care of, I have never had to flush them nor have I seen ones with stopcocks. We only strip them with an alcohol wipe to keep the line patent. The only drains I've had to flush are accordian drains. Maybe you have the names mixed up.
  6. gb8852

    PCT ratio to patients 34:1 ..... how is this safe?

    i dont know why but for some reason this seems to be the norm at 2 of the hospitals in my area. some managers seem to be oblivious to the fact that night shift can be just as hectic as day shift and the floor would benefit from 2 techs at night. the patient to tech ratio is usually 24:1. very sad...but true
  7. Hi, I just got accepted into a nursing program for Fall 2010. My advisor advised me to take pathophysiology in the summer so that my load for fall semester would be a little less heavy...I'm wondering if I'm shooting myself in the foot by taking such a difficult course in the summer. What are your thoughts??????????? What do you suggest i do... wait to take it in the fall and enjoy my summer, or take it during the summer?

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