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  1. se7vensins

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    So we have less than 2 months to do all this and I have no idea where to start. First of they told us at the orientation that we don't need to do urinalysis and the CBC but now we have to do the CBC? About the health insurance wouldn't it be alot easier and safer for all of us to have mandatory health insurance just like the rest of the other nursing schools? Imagine all the things that we have to do for clinicals and not having a health insurance. I know health insurance is expensive but don't they offer student health insurance in Truman? Did any of you did the whole vaccination and health examination at any hospital? Is it easier to do it at a hospital than doing it at the lab testing sites that they gave us at the orientation? I registered for CPR class in Truman and just wondering if I should still do it there or just do it somewhere else? As for the parking I thought that they are constructing a parking building which should be done by the time we start nursing school this fall. I still have lots of questions but I guess these questions are enough for now. Thanks in advance for those who will answer them.
  2. se7vensins

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    Just a quick question for those that are in Truman College or know anything about it. Do you guys know what the graduation rate and the NCLEX passing rate??
  3. se7vensins

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    I got the same letter from Truman and I completed every pre-requisites from their school as well and just need to take Bio 227 and Micro 233. I called them just this afternoon and I guess the Dean of Instruction wasn't there. But when I was talking to the lady (didn't get her name) she said that there might be an error. Now that I know that I am not alone then I am pretty sure that they might have made a mistake. I have been accepted as well (or so I thought I was until this letter came) for the Fall 2010 and I hope that we can get a clear answer tomorrow when we visit the office.

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