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    Need NCLEX input

    I would go ahead and just use the NCLEX books. The information that you get is going to be somewhat uniform so I wouldn't worry about spending the extra money.
  2. I think they both look good and I would go ahead and use the Impaired Skin Integrity as the priority because there are a lot of things that can happen with an open wound so you would want that the be a priority above treating the pain. Also, if you needed other NANDAs a good one that can go along with the Impaired Skin Integrity would be Risk for Infection as the previous person had said. They both look good though!
  3. If anyone could please help me with 5 NANDAs for pneumonia or let me know if you guys think of something better. My patient is a 15 month old male with left lower lobe pneumonia and dehydration. His Chest PA and Lateral and CT showed opacity/consolidation in the left lower lobe with a large area of pleural effusion. Regions of dense consolidation medially in the right upper lung lobe. They also showed infiltrate in the left perihilar region, and increased opacity in the right perihilar region. His culture came back with gram positive cocci in chains that they believe is steptoccus pneumoniae. On the last day that I had him as a patient they placed a 10 French left pleaural pigtail drain. He never c/o or showed s/sx of pain. His vitals over 3 days were temp 36.4-38.6, pulse 113-160, resp 22-50, BP 81/51-112/73, and SaPO2 93-100% on periodic O2 but mostly RA. His lungs had course crackles and were diminished throughout bilaterally and were very diminished/absent in the left lung base and he had mild retractions. He presented to the ER with a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, hypoxia, and dehydration. However, he wasn't coughing during the times that I cared for him. He was on a continuous infusion of D51/2NS 20meqKCl @ 40ml/hr. He was also on 100mg Vancomycin IVP and 750mg Rocephan IV, but he was getting worse. The NANDAs that I have so far are 1) Impaired Gas Exchange r/t decreased functional lung tissue AEB hypoxia? (I'm not sure what to put here because his O2 stats are okay) 2) Ineffective Airway Clearance r/t inflammation and presence of secretions AEB course crackles and diminished lung sounds throughout bilaterally and diminished/absent in left lower lobe 3) Ineffective Breathing pattern r/t respiratoy illness AEB mild retractions, tachypnea, and dyspnea 4) Inbalanced Nutrition: less than body requirements r/t loss of appetite AEB decreased in oral intake at home, NPO diet in the hospital, and decreased output 5) I'm drawing a blank on a 5th NANDA If you guys can help at all, think they need prioritized differently, or think of something better please let me know. Thanks!

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