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    Accepted to Nassau Community Fall 2010!

    Hello, I am a NCC grad from 2008. I was accepted in 2006 before they started this interview , I can tell you in 2007 we had a student threaten a professor It was a HUGE issue then the interview process started, to weed out those that may seem off.The interview process is a big deal . At NCC you must NEVER be late, have almost no absences, and do ask lots of questions and be friendly with the professors. They can make or break you, and I have seen it done. I graduated with less than half of what started with me. ALSO, The director of the program is a no game type of person ( she may be on your interview ) Do not mention money when it comes to nursing and make sure you have a good heartfelt reason to become a nurse, this means tons in the interview process. Also word of advice i f the opportunity comes your way to do the Bachealors program elsewhere, please consider it. I was hired at a local hospital with a permit without passing NCLEX and of course passed it in 60 days HOWEVER I believe my class was one of the last lucky graduating classes. Most places now wont even look at an associates, they are overhired as is. So be smart. I recently went to Farmingdale to inquire about RN to BSN program and my chances were slim to none. Only 20 seats once a year for over 2000 applicants. And I am a charge nurse and preceptor at my hospital. So please make decions wisely. On a lighter note most people do not realize how difficult it is to be accepted to NCC, SO CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!!! That is huge. It is totally hands on from day one. I precept many nurses from Adelphi and Molloy , even NYU and they all say the same thing NCC nurses are a different breed, they learn all theory and we are hands on, I wish everyone saw it that way. Good luck to you!!!

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