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  1. thanks kynchanted! yeah, after i posted the last reply i called the nursing department and sandra pretty much told me the same thing. this is the only school i applied to and it looks like i will have to wait another year to apply since i plan to get pregnant this year. thanks again!!
  2. it is nearing almost end of the month.. my hope of getting into this program is slowly dying and this waiting period has been extremely frustrating... i too wish that i can find out where i am on the list of 25.. i don't understand why they can't let us know!
  3. thanks kynchanted! wow, now until august huh? hope it's sooner and not later!! good luck to you! i guess we are the only two here that's on the waiting list..
  4. Hello: I'm on the waiting list. Has anyone received any information on when we will be notified about whether we will be off the list? Anyone else on the wait list?? The waiting game has been driving me nuts! AND congrats to all those who have been accepted to the program!

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