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    Accelerated BSN program choice advice

    Hi TheSquire - YES - living near water is something we like - very perceptive of you! Thank you so so much for all of the detailed information! I'm working my way through all of the schools you listed and there do seem to be a lot of interesting programs. Do you love the MENP program? Have you gotten a chance to speak to many alumni, and do you think there were better job opportunities for them versus just ASBN students?
  2. tink0820

    Accelerated BSN program choice advice

    Thanks for the replies!! I should have mentioned - my husband owns his own business that he runs from home so his work just moves with him. Although he really does have a preference for areas that have fiber (i.e. megafast internet) installed. I have heard really good things in the course of my lifetime about the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area - I hadn't thought about that area - I will go check out Duke and UNC's programs right now!!! :)
  3. Hi everyone! I would love some advice... I currently live in Portland and will be applying to the two accelerated BSN programs that there are here in Oregon (OHSU and Linfield) this winter. I unfortunately won't quite meet all of the requirements to apply to U of Washington in time for their October deadline. While I REALLY don't want to leave Portland, it is also really important for me to start an accelerated program next summer for various planning purposes, so while I am a fairly competitive applicant, I still need to apply to a few other schools as "back-ups". This is where I am "stuck". I look through the list of the 230 programs available in this country, and just feel "empty" about where I might be willing to move to. Many of these states and cities are places I've never been to. I'm originally from the NY metro area and don't have any desire to return there. I almost feel like in choosing my back-up schools I am practically throwing a dart. So I thought I would share what my important criteria are, and see if any of you had some recommendations! It is just really stressful to imagine picking up and moving my whole family to a new strange place for 15-18 months - also knowing that if I am offered a job in that area we might stay.... So, what I am preferably looking for is: A "nice" place to live (vague enough for you?) :) I have two young children - so educational opportunities and activities for them (a zoo, children's museum, generally family friendly area, good preschools, etc) Some sort of natural beauty - maybe close driving to great outdoor activities (hiking, etc) Fairly low cost of living - I'll want to minimize commute time to the school while not breaking the budget so that's another reason I'm not interested in going to school in NYC or something. As an example, we pay $1500 now to rent a nice 3 bedroom home that is close-in. Not a deal breaker, but I tend to "fit in" better in communities that lean a little more democratic or liberal Again not a deal breaker, but I tend to like easy access to holistic or natural or organic products - so at least a Whole Foods or similar type of grocery available Decent weather? (my hubby is from northern michigan and doesn't really want to deal with 6+ months of solid snow.... I know this doesn't give much information to go on, but I'm just hoping there are some of you who can maybe relate to my situation, and who LOVE where you live, and can let me in on the location! :) Thanks in advance for any help!

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