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  1. Scrubs7

    NYP waiting list

    Really? My school must rush that stuff out cause most grads from previous years have taken it late june or very early july since we normally start working mid july or mid august. They send out our papers the day after graduation so we can get our ATT asap. Not that I'm looking forward to that exam at all hahah
  2. I think you just answered your own question! One in a zillion people become an accomplished musician yet there are still groups scrapping together tips on a Wednesday night after playing Journey covers during happy hour. Yes, the salary and open job market (five years ago when we signed up for this) was also appealing but when you really feel like you love something you don't let something like a challenging job market get in the way. I'm graduating in May and have just secured a position and I actually know a good amount of people that have been told there would be jobs for them on the floors they're doing their clinicals on now. So chin up everyone! Just keep applying and be persistent!
  3. Scrubs7

    New grad looking for job in NYC area

    I'm graduating in May and I agree that persistence really does help. Send your resume anywhere and everywhere and then follow up with a phone call or an email. Don't be too pushy but let them know how interested in their hospital you are and that you are looking forward to hearing back, etc. I had three interviews (NYP, MSK, NYU) and aside from some specific floors many of them are looking to hire over the summer more so than now. Five years ago Nursing Seniors had six offers in March but that is just not how today's market it. A hospital is not going to want you until you can actually be of value to them. Therefore they are less likely to offer you a position until after you have passed the NCLEX. Some also have certain new grad orientation days. I believe it's NYP that has one in July and one in August. So don't panic! Keep applying and calling and doing whatever else you have to do. Get an interview and wow them with your charisma and natural intelligence :) As for everyone other than new grads, I'm sorry to hear you're having such trouble. I agree that it's unfair to hire fresh new grads with BSNs over experienced LPNs but you know what, go back and get that BSN! You have the benefit of all that experience and knowledge I bet you'd all sail right though!
  4. Scrubs7

    NYP waiting list

    They may be referring to the fact that you are supposed to include your top two specialties along with your top two preferable locations in your cover letter when you apply online (there are 5 locations). A lot of hospitals are waiting to interview after graduation and you have a set date for the NCLEX, some won't even offer you a job until you have passed. In reality, as a May grad you can't start working until late June, early July so for them to hire you now for an open position they're left without a nurse for two months. I applied to a certain program so it's much different but I know people applying to the entire new grad pool and they were told they would get interviews in late May so don't give up hope! It's not uncommon these days to graduate without a secure position yet. I know someone who was just offered a position at Mount Sinai so look into applying there also. NYU isn't hiring right now but is looking to later in the summer I believe. I also got an interview at MSK, if you're interesting in oncology definitely apply there. Just put yourself out there and follow up on resumes you send out if you have a contact email. Good luck!
  5. Scrubs7

    New Grad Work Question?????

    What hospital offered a new grad a spot in the ED? New York state law states you can't be hired there without a year of experience. The only hospital I know that gets around this is New York Presbyterian because they have a full year residency for their new grads in the ED. Maybe that's just for the city? Or level 1 trauma centers? I'm starting in an ED this summer as a new grad and could not be more excited. I did my senior clinical there and it really is an amazing place but it does take a very specific type of person. It's fast-paced, takes lots of critical thinking, and extremely good time management. You also need to come to work with a sense of humor because joking about the things you see day in and day out is one of the best ways to get through it. There's a strong camaraderie among the nurses and other staff members from what I've seen. Lastly but most importantly, prioritize! If this sounds like something you'd like then go for it! Each day is new and different as well as exhausting and challenging. I love it and hopefully you will too!

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